Termite Inspection

GC Pest Control – Termite Inspection Specialists Thorough Termite Inspections using Thermal Imaging and Termite Radar Detection technology.

Our Termite Inspections and reports are thorough, reliable and compliant with Australian Standards AS 3660.2-2000. During your Termite Inspection our experienced termite technician will inspect the grounds, wall exterior, interior, roof void, subfloor, trees, stumps, fences, garage, carport, retaining walls and landscaping timbers for signs of any current or past termite, or white ant activity, or other conditions that are conducive to termite infestation.

The Termite Inspection Report will advise you of all the areas inspected, any areas of concern, past or present termite activity, termite evidence and recommendations – such as Termite Treatments, Termite Protection or a Termite Management System.


We also to provide same day delivery of digital and photographic termite inspection reports.

GC Pest Control have invested a lot of time and money to ensure you receive the most up-to-date and thorough Termite Inspection available. Our team embrace the changes that new technology brings to the pest control industry and our customers welcome the peace of mind it brings knowing they’re in good hands.

Termite Inspection Tool – Termatrac T3i


Our Termite Inspection technicians use ‘The World’s Number 1 Termite Detector’ – The Termatrac T3i. This tool allows our Termite Inspectors to investigate further than the Australian Standards requirement (AS3660.2-2000). Our professional team also use a systematic approach to their termite inspections, making sure that every part of the Termite Inspection area is fully covered.

Thermal Imaging Camera.

This camera assists us to find possible termite activity through different heat signatures. Again, this is above and beyond the Australian Standard. See below for some examples.

Based in Gold Coast North, GC Pest Control is perfectly situated to provide termite inspection services all Gold Coast suburbs, from the Tweed through to the Hinterland, as well as across Brisbane and even as far up as Ipswich and the Sunshine Coast.

For peace of mind call our Termite Inspection team to book a thorough termite inspection on your property.

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