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How Do We Treat Your Property For Termites?

With GC Pest Control, you get an extensive range of options for termite treatments. You can choose the right termite treatment for your needs with the help of our experienced termite technicians.


Termite baiting systems are among the most effective methods of eradicating termites. It has no adverse effects on humans or pets, but it is highly effective against termites. The effect of baiting can take anywhere from one to six months.


This termite treatment method is most successful in areas with small corners or cracks that may otherwise be difficult to reach. Because it spreads through the nesting material, it coats all the surfaces the termites travel on, stopping them in their tracks.


The termite dust is released directly onto the areas where termites are visible, and then the area is sealed. After being affected by the dust, the termites return to the termite colony, where they become infected.

Combining this method with other termite treatments may be necessary to ensure complete eradication.

Direct Liquid Treatment

In this termite treatment method, we use a registered termiticide. We generally employ this method when termites are found around the property line, in trees, shrubs, or retaining walls.

Termite Treatments

Found Termites On Your Property?

Finding termite damage can be pretty scary. Our pest control technicians can assist you from start to finish!

Our termite pest control services can assist you with termite treatment, termite control, and termite management process.

Using a variety of chemicals and methods for pest removal, we can successfully eradicate the problem and prevent future infestations. You can have peace of mind knowing you will receive successful and effective treatment with our termite control services.

What Can You Do To Reduce The Risk Of A Termite Infestation?

If you notice any of these signs, it is time you called for a Gold Coast pest inspection. Our pest control technicians will provide long-term solutions to ensure your home is termite-free!

Our inspection reports are thorough and compliant with Australian Standards AS 3660.2-2000, so you know our pest inspection service is reliable.

Safeguard Your Investment With Our State-Of-The-Art Technology For Termite Treatment, Inspection, Detection, And Prevention. Call Us Today!

We are experienced pest technicians who can quickly, affordably, and safely rid pests from your property. Get an obligation-free quote. We are the best termite pest control treatment and services in South East Queensland. If you want to learn more, please speak to our insured and fully qualified team!

Signs include wood damage, mud tubes on exterior walls, discarded wings near doors or windows, and termite droppings known as frass.
It’s recommended to schedule an inspection at least once a year, or more frequently if you live in an area prone to termites.
Effective methods include baiting systems, liquid termiticides, foaming, and dusting, depending on the nature of the infestation.
Yes, when handled by professionals, termite treatments are safe. Make sure to follow all safety instructions provided by your pest control service.
Depending on the treatment type and environmental conditions, protection can last from one to five years before re-treatment is necessary.
DIY termite treatments are available but may not be as effective as professional services. It’s recommended to consult with a professional for severe infestations.

Costs vary depending on the property size and infestation severity but typically range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. At GC Pest Control our termite treatments start from $199.00. Click here to book online.

Remove any storage or debris from around the foundation, trim back vegetation, and provide access to potential termite entry points.
Baiting systems involve placing bait stations around your home to attract termites. The termites feed on the bait and carry it back to the colony, which eventually eradicates the colony.

Non-chemical options include physical barriers during construction, biological control agents like nematodes, and heat treatments.

Yes, termites can return; ongoing monitoring and prevention strategies are crucial after the initial treatment.
Baiting systems use bait to attract and poison the colony, whereas liquid treatments create a chemical barrier to kill termites on contact.

Modern termite treatments are designed to minimise environmental impact, but it’s important to discuss any concerns with your pest control provider.

Termites can cause significant damage within months, although it generally takes a few years for major damage to be visible.
Treatment can be conducted at any time of the year, but spring and early summer are often the most effective times for treatment.
For certain treatments, you may need to vacate your home for a few hours or days. Your pest control provider will inform you based on the method used.
Yes, untreated termite damage can significantly decrease your home’s value. Addressing infestations promptly can help maintain your property’s value.
IPM for termites involves a combination of treatment methods, regular inspections, and modifications to the home environment to manage termite populations effectively.
Warranties vary by provider, but they typically cover re-treatment within a specified period if termites return. Always check what your specific warranty covers.


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