Silverfish Treatments

Silverfish can be found almost anywhere within buildings, though they are more commonly found in roof voids, wall cavities, subfloors, bookcases, storage rooms and other undisturbed areas. Silverfish prefer to eat starchy materials as well as most types of human foods.

As part of a Silverfish Treatment or Pest Control technicians first carry out a thorough inspection of the premises to find Silverfish harbourage areas. This includes opening and moving stored articles to disturb Silverfish.

The Silverfish Treatment includes using liquid spray’s and insecticidal dusts. The Treatment is applied to all external entry points covering the weep holes, around doors and windows, cracks or crevices and any other Silverfish dwelling areas we may find. We also treat the internal floor corners, the roof void, storage rooms and underneath electrical appliances. Combining all these methods together ensure for a very effective Silverfish Treatment.

The Silverfish Treatment usually lasts 12 months. We provide warranties on all of our silverfish treatments. We work with you to ensure the Treatment is effective and to ensure the safety and well-being of your family and pets

A Few Little Silverfish Tips
A common query from clients is ‘How to Get Rid of Silverfish’ or ‘How to Kill Silverfish‘. Below are some things that you can do to help with Silverfish Control in your home before we carry out a Silverfish Treatment:

  • Inspect new items coming into the home, such as furniture or second hand books
  • Store papers, files, books, etc. in light and airy conditions
  • Avoid unnecessary long-term storage of books, paper, etc. in bookshelves and closed boxes
  • Store foods in air tight containers
  • Keep bench tops and kitchen cupboards clean from crumbs and foods scraps
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