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Do you want to get rid of silverfish from inside your house? Do not worry, as we have a team of trained professionals experienced in silverfish control across Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. Speak to our silverfish pest control technicians today!

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What Are Silverfish

Silverfish On Concrete

Silverfish are long, flat-shaped insects that live in moist places with high humidity. They have silvery bodies and can be easily spotted.

These pests are mainly found in areas where the temperature is warm and humid, and they can eat objects around the house. If there is a silverfish infestation in your home, then you might find parts of the wallpaper eaten. Or, you might even find them in the bathtub. Besides, they eat regular food items and can create large holes in fabrics.

As a result, they can cause trouble in the storeroom, eating grains, stored paper and upholstery. So, you must getrid of them right at the onset of the infestation.

Our Pest Treatments

We at GC Pest Control have a team of licensed and trained professionals who will remove silverfish from your home using the latest equipment and technologies. On booking an appointment, they will arrive at your doorstep and ask you a few questions about the spread of silverfish in the house. Once they have a clear understanding, they will quickly analyse the area.

Then we will use aerosols and traps to get the silverfish out. Since they use non-toxic formulas, you do not need to worry about being affected by the sprays and dust. If an artificial solution needs to be used, then our team will inform you beforehand, and you might have to leave the property for a little while.

After our professionals finish the job, they will clean the area to eliminate any residue. Customer satisfaction is very important to us, and we pay utmost attention to it. Also, our Silverfish treatments are reasonably priced, and you can discuss them when booking an appointment. We do not charge anything extra, meaning you will only pay for the services you employ.

How To Prevent Silverfish In Your Home


Our technicians will tell you about the different ways through which you can prevent silverfish from breeding in the vicinity. The first rule is to ensure that there isn’t excessive moisture in any part of the house. In the case of bathtubs, make sure you clean them regularly to prevent them from staying wet. Bathrooms can be left open, and proper ventilation should be enabled, making the areas less favourable for these insects.

If you have too many items in the attic or basement, please keep a fan to enable air movement. Damp areas are always attractive to silverfish, and you would not want your stored clothing or paper items to become silverfish breeding grounds.

So, if you see any initial signs of infestation, immediately place a call or leave a message on our website to avail the best Silverfish treatments. We operate around Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Gold Coast and the areas around.

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