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Rat and Mouse Control Pest Treatment

With so many different pest species, it can be hard to know what you are dealing with. But, if you see rat droppings or a dead rat, you can be sure it is a rodent problem.

When conducting a Gold Coast rodent pest control job, our pest control technicians first conduct a thorough inspection to look for evidence of present Rodent activity. The inspection will help pest control service technicians discover entry points and harborage areas to best target our pest control methods. Following this, we place lockable baiting stations around these areas.

We use lockable stations to avoid children and animals accessing the poisonous bait inside. The Rodents will then stumble upon and feed on the baits inside. Once found, the rodents will feed on the bait multiple times and usually die within 4-10 days, generally away from the house.

Why Rodents are Considered Pests

Rats and Mice (also known as Rodents) in and around homes and buildings are highly undesirable as they can cause physical damage, food spoilage and contamination. Additionally, with a rodent infestation, they can spread disease to humans. Rats and Mice are generally found in roof voids, wall cavities, subfloors, underneath furniture, and gardens.

Detection of Rodents

Rodents leave behind a few telltale signs of their whereabouts. Some of these include:

Rodents leave behind a few telltale signs of their whereabouts. Some of these include:

A Few Little Rat and Mouse Control Treatment Tips

A common query from clients is how to prevent a rodent infestation in your home and get rid of rats and mice. You can do these things to help with Rodent Control in your home before we carry out a Rodent Treatment. These preventative measures include:

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local rat and house mouse exterminator. We can also implement an integrated pest management program and appropriate treatment to prevent future infestations. We service both residential and commercial properties.

So, if you are suffering from a rodent or pest infestation, we can handle all your Gold Coast pest control needs!

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