Bee Treatments

Bees can often become a threat to humans when they establish themselves inside a wall cavity or other surrounding. When this occurs it is essential to request a Bee Treatment.

Dangers of Bees

Bees will sting you when feeling threatened which generally comes with quite a large amount of pain and redness to the skin. This usually reduces within a few hours. People who are allergic to Bee stings can swell up and in some cases die due to swelling around the neck and throat region.

Bee Treatments

Bee Sting Treatments

  • Remove the stinger if possible
  • Apply an ice pack to the sting
  • Clean the area with soap and water
  • Take a pain relief tablet to help relieve pain

Bee Treatment – How to get rid of Bees

Different methods of Bee Treatments are used depending on the situation. In this case we will look at treating Bees in a wall cavity. When possible, it is best to treat the wall cavity at night when most bees are in the hive. Our pest control technician will treat the wall cavity with an insecticidal dust with the aim of treating all entry an exit points and the space in between. Once this is completed the Bees will soon die.

If there is a substantial sized honey Bee nest in the wall cavity, the nest will need to be removed as it can cause rotting in the wall. After this we can provide the option to proof your house for Bees by sealing or blocking all forms of entry points where Bees tend to enter. This will ensure the prevention of future Bee hives forming in your wall cavity.

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