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If you are looking to get rid of bees from around your house, then we at GC Pest Control have a team of licensed technicians who will do the job for you! We remove bees safely using environmentally friendly processes.

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Why Are Bees Considered Pests?

If you have a beehive growing right near your house or on the walls of the house, then it can cause significant problems.

For instance, you can get 
stung by a bee at any time, or the bees could come into your house when the windows are open. You might even start keeping all your doors and windows closed because of the constant fear of them entering and biting.

And that is precisely where we step in! We at GC Pest Control are at your service when it comes to bees, pests and termites that could be bothering you. We have a team of trained professionals who are qualified and licensed with years of experience in dealing with pests and bee treatment. Also, 
we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction, and you will be receiving warranties on any chosen package. 

Bees In House

Our Treatment

Our services extend to Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and all the areas between these places. There are many ways to contact us, and you will easily be able to do so at the time of emergency. Just book an appointment, and our team will be at your doorstep, offering optimum protection to your pets and family.

Once our trained technicians reach your place, they will survey the area and check for beehives. We do not believe in killing bees immediately as 
they are suitable for the environment. So, our team will try to safely relocate them if possible. They will be wearing proper safety gear, and we will clean the place up well after the work is done.

You can rest assured that the bees will not come back as they would be relocated far off along with the hive. But in case the hive is stuck to the house walls and cannot be removed, we might use an exterminator. At GC Pest Control, we use the latest technologies and non-toxic traps to remove pests so that you receive only the best results.

Bees In Hive

How To Prevent Bees In Your Home

Once the bees are removed from the house, our technicians will tell you about the numerous ways through which you can prevent bees from entering in the first place. For example, you can use peppermint or vinegar spray to keep the bees away, as they have a strong aversion to such smells.

Other than that, they might advise against growing flowers that attract bees next to the windows or door. You may transfer those plants near the front or back gate in such cases.

We will also recommend keeping the home protected by managing any holes or inlets on the walls through which they can enter. Cover the inlets and patch the holes so that the bees don’t find an entry point.

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If you have any queries regarding bee treatment or safe bee removal, there is a message icon on the bottom right corner of the screen. Click on it and leave your name, mobile number and message. You can also call us directly by clicking on the contact button at the bottom. So, do not wait any longer and place a call today!

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