Bed Bug Treatments

Bed Bugs can be described as nocturnal bloodsuckers. Their bite doesn’t transmit any serious diseases but can prove very irritating. For some, the Bed Bug bite is painless with no allergic reaction, for most others, the skin will swell and create a strong itch or irritation.

Bed Bug Treatments
Bed Bugs found in a unit on the Gold Coast during a Bed Bug Treatment in Inspection.

Bed Bugs are generally found in hotels, hostels, dormitory’s, taverns and inns. Domestically they are generally localised to the bedrooms and sometimes lounge room. Bed Bugs can spread easily by being carried by humans on clothing, furniture, luggage, etc. The only way to guarantee the extermination of Bed Bugs is with a Bed Bug Treatment.

Bed Bugs are often detected by either blood spots on bed sheets or irritation caused to sleepers. Evidence of activity can be found in bedding, along grooves and piping of mattresses, behind skirting boards, in cracks and crevices in furniture and other harbourages. Another tell tail sign are small dark brown excreta marks on walls, sheets and other surfaces. In some cases, where there is a large infestation, there can be a ‘buggy’ odour.

Properties with low hygiene standards and poor housekeeping are most at risk of a Bed Bug infestation. Although they can find many cracks and crevices to hide in and host to feed on in the tidiest of houses. Bed Bugs have limited mobility but are still able to infest adjacent rooms and units.

Bed Bug Treatment

Clients often ask us ‘How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs‘ or ‘How to Kill Bed Bugs‘. The first step in controlling Bed Bugs is with a thorough inspection to the property including furniture, carpets, cracks and crevices, curtains, shelves, bedding, picture frames, etc. It is also to check potential sources of reinfestation such as a pram or handbag. After inspecting the premises, a chemical Treatment can take place. This includes using an insecticidal dust to all cracks and crevices and underneath any unmovable furniture followed by a liquid spray to know harbourage areas.

Bed Bug Treatments
This image shows the importance of a thorough Inspection before a Bed Bug Treatment is carried out.
Handy Bed Bug Tips
Below are a few little things you can do to help prevent a Bed Bug infestation at your property.

  • Ensure good housekeeping and cleanliness
  • Use gap fillers to seal cracks and crevices to reduce potential harbourage areas
  • Thoroughly inspect second hand furniture before you bring it inside (particularly bedroom furniture)
  • Regularly steam clean you carpets and mattresses
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