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Our ant control services are 100% guaranteed. We provide fast and effective ant treatments across the Gold Coast, and Brisbane. Our friendly and professional team will work with you to identify the best course of non-toxic, natural ant removal treatment for your needs, ensuring that your home is pest-free in no time!

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Ant Pest Control Treatment

Ant Control Treatment Photo Gold Coast

Are you having an issue with ants at your property or business? Let pest control experts assist you!

Our pest control technicians thoroughly inspect your property before undertaking an Ant Control Treatment to ensure effective results. Generally, to conduct our Ant Control Treatment, our technicians will apply an ant bait gel, liquid sprays and insecticidal dust. We use the bait gel in areas where ants are known and along ant trails.

The ants then feed on the bait and take it back to and kill off the nest. We apply the liquid spray to all external entry points, doors, windows, and internal floor corners. The insecticidal dust is applied to the roof void and cracks and crevices where

Why Ants Are Considered Pests

Ants are probably considered the most annoying and unsightly common household pest on the Gold Coast, which is why both residential and commercial ant control treatments are essential.

There are over 3000 ant species in Australia, some of which bite and others just a plain old nuisance. They tend to trail along skirting boards, bench tops, floor corners, windows, balconies, footpaths, driveways, letterboxes and anywhere there is an easily accessible food source.

A Few Little Ant Control Tips

A common query from our valued Gold Coast clients is ‘how to get rid of Ants’ or ‘how to kill Ants’. Below are some things that you can do to help you get rid of ants and manage Ant removal in your home before we carry out a treatment:

Our team specialise in residential and commercial ant control solutions!

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