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Building & Pest Inspections

We can help ensure peace of mind with our pre-purchase building and pest Inspections.

Have you just purchased a property and looking for a reliable company to conduct a building and pest inspection on the Gold Coast?

What Is A Building And Pest Inspection In Queensland?

When you purchase a property in Queensland, there will be a clause in the contract to carry out a building and pest inspection. It is always recommended that you do one of these before the contract becomes unconditional. This ensures the building is not infested with any insects and there is no structural damage to the property, which you may not currently be aware of. Our pest inspection services ensure the property you are buying is safe.

Why Choose Gold Coast Pest Control?

We can work with you, your agent and your building inspector to organise a suitable date and time, plus we have a fast turnaround time when processing your building and pest inspection reports, so you won’t be waiting for days. Our comprehensive building and pest reports are delivered on time, and we are flexible to fit in with a time that works for you. 

All of our Pre-Purchase Building and Pest Inspections and Reports are in accordance with Australian Standard AS4349.3. And our team of building and pest inspectors are fully licensed and insured so that you can be worry free!

Your pest report will advise of the areas inspected any areas of concern. This includes a termite inspection detailing any termite activity and our professional recommendations, such as Termite Treatments, Termite Protection or a Termite Management System.

We also offer excellent pest control services across Queensland!

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If you would like to speak to our team about a building and pest inspection, call the number listed on our website. Our customer service team can also provide you with a quote and explain the process.

So, if you want to book your Gold Coast building and pest inspection or have any questions – get in touch with our customer service team today!


Two Man Team

When you choose GC Pest Control to carry out your building and pest inspection, we send out a two-person team, one building inspector and one termite inspector.

Fully Qualified

Both Inspectors are thoroughly trained, qualified, licensed & insured for their specific trade and have been carrying out Building and Pest Inspections on the Gold Coast for many years.

Two Inspection Reports

Upon completion, you will receive a Building Inspection Report and a Timber Pest Inspection Report, both compliant to Australian Standards, with photos outlining any findings, problem areas or areas of concern.

Thorough Inspection

Our team cover all accessible areas including but not limited to: Internal walls, External walls, Roof Void, Subfloor, Grounds, Gardens, Fenceline, Outbuildings, Other timber elements.

What if technicians find

Active Termites

If active termites are found during the inspection, we can provide a remedial termite treatment on the day. We specialise in Termite Treatments and Termite Protection. Your Timber Pest Inspection Report will provide FREE Quotes for this. This may include Termite Chemical Barriers or Termite Baiting and Monitoring Systems.

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Termatrac T3i

The World’s Number 1 Termite Detector

Our pest inspection team use ‘The World’s Number 1 Termite Detector’ – The Termatrac T3i. This tool allows our termite inspectors to investigate further than the Australian standards requirement (AS3660.2-2000). We use a systematic approach to ensure every aspect of the termite inspection is covered.

Assisting this tool is an existing moisture meter. Termites are attracted to areas of high moisture. Not only this, the termites, their mud trails and nests are high in moisture. The moisture meter allows us to find possible areas that are conducive to termites or find the termites themselves.

Termite Detection Radar

The unique termite detection radar does what no other detector has ever been able to do. It sends out radar through most common wall materials that locates and tracks the presence of termites, without the need for tapping or drilling holes in the walls for easy and accurate treatment.

Thermal Sensor

The remote thermal sensor with built-in laser pointer shows changes in surface temperature; a common sign of termite infestation.

Moisture Sensor

The moisture sensor confirms that conditions need further investigation. The moisture component enables the professional pest control technician to easily identify areas of excess moisture as a possible risk area for termites. The moisture sensor is so sensitive it can even pinpoint rising damp.

Find Termite Activity With

Thermal Imaging

This camera assists us to find possible termite activity through different heat signatures. Again, this is above and beyond the Australian Standard!

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