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General Pest Control Treatment

Whether you need a general pest control treatment, Gold Coast Pest Control can help! Our team uses the latest equipment to ensure our services are performed correctly every time! To resolve any issues you may be facing, we offer a variety of pest control treatments:

  • Sprays
  • Insecticidal dust
  • Gels used for baiting
  • Non-toxic traps

We understand the seriousness of pest infestations. As a result, we assist you with everything, including prevention and treatment tips in the future. Our Gold Coast general pest control services include cockroaches, spiders, silverfish, and ants. Additionally, we offer services to eliminate termites, rats, mice, and even bedbugs. We can also perform a pre purchase pest inspection with the help of your building inspector if you are buying a new property. And, we service both residential and commercial properties on the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Brisbane.

Areas We Can Treat:

Depending on the type of pest and severity of the infestation, we can treat the following areas in your home or business:

  • Internal floors corners
  • Harbourage areas
  • External walls and corners
  • House perimeter
  • Doors and windows
  • Gutters and eaves
  • Weep holes
  • Kitchen and bathroom cupboards
  • Roof Void
  • Subfloor

Gold Coast Pest Control Company

If you are looking for a reliable and reputable pest control service, look no further than Gold Coast Pest Control. We keep your home and business critter-free all year long.

We recommend having a pest control check and treatment every year to prevent severe infestations. Our friendly staff is happy to provide more information about our services. Contact us today!

Gold Coast Pest Control will 100% guarantee the successful elimination of your pests! Speak to our pest control technicians for your next pest control service.

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