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Why Your Business Needs Pest Control?

Do you own a business, but you are unsure what you need to do for pest control. Follow our guide to explain the importance of pest control for commercial properties.

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Every business owner wants their commercial site to be free of pests and insects. However, it is not an easy task. 

When the issue of pests is not handled correctly, the chances are that it will cause both temporary and permanent damage to your business. Whether you own a food chain or a garment factory, uncontrolled pest growth can lead to immense damage to inventories. 

There’s no doubt that you can install handy gadgets like fly traps to handle insects. However, you must engage in commercial pest control services to effectively deal with the situation. 

That way, you can eliminate the conditions that promote the growth of pests in the first place. And in this guide, we will tell you why pest control is essential and how you can do it effectively.

So, without any more delay, let’s check them out!

4 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Pest Control

Cockroach Found In Office Building

1. Taking Control Before Things Get Worse

Regular maintenance and active pest control can keep the problem of pest infestation at bay. You can either implement DIY methods or employ skilled technicians to do the job for you. But keep in mind that time is of the essence here. 

You often fail to notice the problem in time, which makes it grow manifold. The moment you notice any early signs, make sure that you don’t waste any time and contact a professional pest control service to tackle the situation from the get-go.

We’d strongly recommend opting for bi-yearly or quarterly pest control to keep pest infestation in check. 

2. Stress-Free Work Environment

When there is a problem of pest infestation in the workplace, the chances are that there will be a build-up of stress among the employees. After all, pests swarming around can get your staff worried about the potential health dangers. 

This will eventually harm your work productivity in the office. So, you should handle the situation as early as possible to avoid creating any undue stress among the workers. 

3. Do Away With The Financial Losses

As we have already mentioned, pest-infested offices bring down employee productivity by creating an environment of stress. Other than that, pests can cause significant damage to documents that cause major disruption to everyday business activities.

When it is not treated in time, then there are high chances that you would have to reach out to the insurance bodies for compensation claims. And it will be challenging to recover your damaged inventory and lost income. 

Treating the problem in time can help you overcome significant losses. Irrespective of whether your company handles food products or not, pest control exercises can help keep these problems away. 

4. Preventing The Disruption Of Property

There’s a lot of investment that one has to make to build and decorate a commercial space. And even the most common pests, like rodents or ants, can cause severe damage to your business property.

If there is a water source nearby, the pests will likely spread like wildfire. This might eventually affect the electrical wiring in your office too. 

How To Keep Your Business/ Commercial Property Free Of Pests?

All commercial properties should have a proper pest management plan. If you want your business to run smoothly, it is best to invest a reasonable amount of time and money in getting this issue sorted. Again, we suggest that you give an annual contract to the best pest control service available near you

However, apart from regularly conducting pest control programs, there are other things that you can do to minimise pest infestation. Let’s take a quick look at what they are. 

Commercial Pest Control Services In Warehouse

1. Implement Better Storage Practices

No business activity is complete without inventories. If your commercial space is filled with physical inventories, we suggest that you implement proper storage habits and mechanisms. And how you can store them correctly will depend on what the products are. 

For example, if you have to store perishable food items, it is best to keep them in air-tight containers or bags. You can even use well-fitted lids for this purpose. On the other hand, if you have to store apparel, you can use zipper bags that won’t allow moisture to collect. 

Proper storage plays a significant role in ensuring that the products do not get attacked by rodents

2. Organising To You Rescue

An organised person has it easier in life, and when it comes to pest infestation, things are no different. When you keep your storage areas decluttered and things properly organised, it gets difficult for pests to reproduce. This is because dirt and moisture are the key factors that make pests multiply fast. 

If you make proper shelves to organise your things, it will easily become noticeable if there is a pest attack. Hence, you can implement methods to deal with the situation at the earliest. 

And make sure that you leave at least a gap of 12 inches between the shelves and the walls. This will make it easier for pest control professionals to access the areas during their cleaning programs. 

3. Sanitise Well

One of the most important steps you can take to keep your business area free of insects and dirt is to sanitise it frequently. 

You would be surprised to know that pests get easily attracted to sweet fragrances. So, if the area smells sugary, the insects will naturally follow the scent and enter the site. The same happens if they can follow the smell of food in general. 

Suppose you have a juice vending machine that develops a leaky line. In that case, flies and bugs will soon start to appear on the walls following the sweet smell of sucrose. Soon you will see that they have started swarming over the walls around the coffee machine and the refrigerator.

So, in case you are storing perishable food items, you should keep them locked tightly. And without fail, keep sanitising the walls and the back of the shelves. This will ensure that the environment in your commercial space becomes unsuitable for the pests to survive. 

4. Keep The Area Dry

Like your home, wet spots are equally harmful in commercial spaces. Not only do they hinder the mobility of your employees, but they also give rise to pest-related issues. 

If you let water collect in your commercial space, it will help the mosquitoes breed and attract a range of other pests. It would even serve as a water source for rats and other rodents, thereby making them multiply quickly. 

Water collecting over some time will cause the problem of mould formation. That is one of the most dangerous things to encounter, as it’s practically the breeding ground for rodents and bugs. 

But don’t worry- mould formations are entirely avoidable if you stay careful. For example, if there is a spill, make sure that you mop it as soon as possible to avoid the water from seeping through the floor. If you let the water or any other liquid collect for long, it will invariably attract pests. 

And once the pests start to build their nest in your business site, removing them will be a monumental task. 

5. Regular Cleaning Of The Dumpster

From what we have noticed, most people keep their dustbins right outside their office workspace. When you keep the dumpster right next to the office building, you can understand that pests can easily fly inside the workspace.

So, you must keep cleaning the dumpster at regular intervals to ensure that flies are not swarming all over it. If you fail to do so, the flies and other pests will have a constant food source and will enter your business area in search of more food. 

You can conduct some research to understand how quickly dumpsters attract pests and clean them accordingly. Emptying and sanitising the dumpster at regular intervals will help eliminate breeding grounds for pests.

5. Drive The Pests Away

To successfully drive them away, you must arm yourself against the pests. In this regard, we would suggest that you keep the doors of the office or store shut tightly during the night to prevent insects from flying in. 

Apart from that, regularly mop the floor and the staircases with disinfectants. You can even use pest-control fragrances and chemicals in the mix or store them conspicuously behind the door. This would deter the pests from entering the area. 

Do You Need Commercial Pest Control?

With that, it’s a wrap!

By now, you must have understood that every commercial space is in dire need of pest control. To help the employees give their best and for the customers to enjoy visiting your business site, it is essential that pests don’t make a mess of the area. 

Please reach out to us if you need assistance with commercial pest control in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast.

With a little effort and conscious management, getting rid of the pests would not be a task. Follow the instructions that we have mentioned in this guide, and you will never have to face the problem of pest infestation in your office. 

Follow this space for more interesting reads. And until next time!

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