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Why Do You Need A Building & Pest Inspection When Purchasing A Home? | GC Pest Control

Wondering why it is vital to have a building and pest inspection when buying a new home. Follow us as we take you through our detailed guide and everything you need to know. 

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Are you looking to buy a new home? Then you need to consider a proper inspection of the house before entering into any long-term contract. 

A building and pest inspection is essentially the first step of the house purchasing process. It can help you identify the qualities and drawbacks of the house before you finalise the contract. Moreover, if you find any significant problems during the house inspection, you can negotiate the terms and conditions accordingly. 

As purchasing a new home can be a major financial investment, it’ll be helpful to assess the qualities of the house before you decide to spend thousands of bucks on it. So, we’re here to help you offer a detailed insight regarding building and pest inspection. We’ll discuss the benefits of conducting a building and pest inspection before you invest money in buying a house.

So, without further ado, let’s begin! 

What Is Building And Pest Inspection?

Most house contracts come with a building and pest clause as an essential condition for selling the house. So, when you find your dream home, please don’t rush to buy it without considering this building and pest clause. 

With this clause, you get to hire qualified building and pest inspectors who’ll conduct a thorough inspection of the new house and produce written reports. Based on that information, you’ll know whether the house has a termite infestation or other such pest problems. So, a building and pest inspection can help you get a clear idea about the quality of your dream home. 

Why Is Building And Pest Inspection Necessary?

Every year, around 180,000 buildings and homes all across Australia are destroyed due to termite infestations. The prevalence of mice and rats has also become a primary reason for food poisoning in Australian households. So, if you’re thinking of buying a new house, it will be wise to assess the property for any significant pest infestations.

As we said earlier, buying a house is a serious financial investment, and you need to carefully consider all the aspects of the property before purchasing it. Any potential problem can cost you thousands of dollars in the future. 

You can identify such problems beforehand and avoid such financial risks by conducting a building and pest inspection. Thus, such inspections can help you cut a profitable deal with the realtor. 

Furthermore, it can seriously help you improve the standard of living and ensure good health and hygiene. Based on the inspection reports, you can also take the necessary actions to eliminate any severe pest infestations

Additionally, a building and pest inspection can help you strike a better deal with the realtor that will exempt you from paying all the extra expenses required for house repairs and pest control.

Benefits Of Building And Pest Inspection

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1. Reducing Financial Risks

Moving into a pest-infested house can cost you thousands of dollars because of all the necessary house repairs and pest control. But conducting a proper building and pest inspection before buying the home can easily help you reduce such financial risks.

You can hire a qualified house and pest inspectors by spending a few hundred bucks. So, a few hundred bucks can help you save thousands of dollars associated with pest control.

The inspection report can also help you get your dream home at a much lower price than the initial deal. Hence, you will enjoy substantial financial benefits with a proper house inspection. 

2. Uncovering Problems Of The New House

Not every new house will promise brand new fixtures of top-notch quality. It is very much possible that even a new home can have problems regarding pest infestations that can often result in property damage and health crises. So, a house and pest inspection can majorly help you uncover the existing problems of a new house. 

As we all know, pests and rodents are adept at finding suitable hiding places in the nooks and crannies of the house that we usually miss. A thorough inspection can help you look into such cracks and crevices of the house and uncover any existing pest infestations. So, you’ll be improving your standard of living by carrying out thorough inspections while purchasing a new home. 

3. Gaining The Upper Hand In Contracts And Negotiations

While buying a house, you must be able to strike a deal that’s profitable to you. Realtors will try to sell you homes at a higher price without highlighting the drawbacks. So, you need to read between the lines and find out what the realtors are not telling you about the new home before buying it.

Hence, conducting a thorough house and pest inspection will significantly help you find out the problems and drawbacks of the new home. Accordingly, you will be able to negotiate the terms and conditions of the contract with your realtor. So, it can help you get the upper hand during price negotiations while purchasing your dream home.

4. Avoiding Future Problems

No one wants to deal with major house repair and pest infestation problems right after buying their dream home. And the easiest way to avoid such issues is to conduct a house and pest inspection before you decide to go and buy a house, spending thousands of dollars. 

Pest infestations such as termites or silverfish cause severe property damage. At the same time, the prevalence of cockroaches and rats in the house is a matter of serious health concern. A proper inspection can help you to identify these problems beforehand.

So, you can avoid major problems in the future and ensure your family’s health and well-being by getting an overall house inspection before purchasing it. 

Common Household Pests To Consider During An Inspection

While termites are the most common pest that is looked for during a house inspection, you also need to look for other insects and rodents that can cause problems. For instance, cockroaches are a significant threat to your health as they carry various disease-causing germs. They breed very quickly and can easily cause a full-blown infestation if left unchecked. 

Along with cockroaches, you need to look for rodents like mice and rats that can transmit dangerous diseases and cause property damage. You might also consider looking for silverfish infestations in the new house regarding property damage.

These insects and rodents usually hide in dark and humid places like basements and kitchen cupboards. So, ensure that you look for pests in these places during the inspection. 

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How Much Does Building And Pest Inspection Cost?

If you decide to conduct a proper building and pest inspection, it is best to know the cost required to conduct such an inspection. The price varies based on the location and size of the property.

Accordingly, the cost increases for metropolitan areas as compared to the countryside. So, if you’re deciding to buy a townhouse in the city, you might have to spend relatively more on carrying out a pest inspection of the property. 

The age of the house is also a significant factor that will impact the house inspection cost. The older the home, the more damage it will have. So, your house and pest inspection costs will likely become higher if you decide to buy an older property. 

We should also point out that you’ll need to pay for the inspection yourself because bank loans do not cover such expenses. Hence, it is essential to consider your budget before hiring qualified house and pest inspectors for the job. 

Why You Need A Building & Pest Inspection

While buying your dream home, you should be able to enjoy the excitement and not worry about problems like house repairs and pest infestations. Whether to reduce financial risks or avoid future problems, a proper pest inspection will always help you strike a profitable deal with your realtor. 

After going through this article, we hope you have a better idea regarding the benefits and importance of conducting a thorough house and pest inspection before buying a new home.

So, on that note, we’ll be taking our leave. Let us know about your experience with such an inspection in the comments below. And, if you need any assistance with pest control in South East Queensland, reach out to us!

Until next time, take care!

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