What You Need To Know About Termites As A Business Owner

Are you a business owner worried about a possible termite attack on your property? Check out our guide to learn how you can safeguard your business from termites.

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When running a business, it’s easy to overlook termites as a potential problem.

There’s plenty to worry about during business operations; the last thing that may come to mind is bug infestation. But, termites have a very tangible negative impact on both the productivity of a business and its reputation.

Termite infestations are no laughing matter, so it’s always a good idea to be on the lookout for them. If you’re vigilant and take preventive measures, the bugs will not threaten your business’s workings. The information below will help you understand these critters and how to prevent them from causing further damage.

The Impacts Termites Have On Businesses

Termites eat away at the structure of buildings. Wood is inviting to the critters, so anything wooden is a prime target for them. But that’s not where they limit their invasion. Paper, fabric, and on rare occasions, plastic and foam are rife for the pickings.

If left unchecked, termites can weaken the structure of your building and furniture over time. A weakened building structure means that the safety of your work environment also suffers. Eventually, the costs of repairs will rack up significantly and sear through your pockets. Most insurance policies do not cover damage caused by a termite infestation, making the costs even more undesirable.

And repair costs are just one small part of the damage termites cause. Employees feeling unsafe in their work environment is detrimental to their future and the business. The reputation of a business associated with this will also take a significant hit. A bad rep is something no company ever wishes to garner, so preventing this from happening at all becomes vital.

Signs Of A Termite Infestation

To determine if you have a termite infestation, keep an eye out for these signs.

Damage To Wooden Surface From Termites

1. Mud Tubes

Termites form mud tubes near the ground and crawl up your walls. However, breaking them would be futile since their nest usually isn’t in the mud tubes.

2. Wood Damage

Damage to your wooden walls or belongings is a telltale sign of termites. These bugs carve their way through wood over the course of several months as larvae. Simply plugging the holes isn’t a solution, as they’ll bore through and find another way.

3. Bubbling Paint

Hollow or bubbling paint is another sign of termite infestation. If you can peel off the paint on your walls or furniture easily, it may be due to termites eating the wood away.

4. Discarded Wings

Termites usually leave signs of activity around their targeted place. Piles of discarded wings are a surefire way to know that your business has an infestation.

5. Jammed Doors Or Windows

You’ll know that you have a termite infestation when your doors or windows get stuck. These are easy targets for the bugs to damage. And termites eating through wood cause changes to the door and window frames, making it difficult to close or open them.

6. Termite Droppings

You’ll find termite droppings where they’ve caused damage. These small brown pellets can be mistaken for wood dust, also called ‘termite frass’. As they dig through wood, they will begin to push the faecal matter out of the colony.

A professional commercial pest control inspection may be in order if you’ve detected any of these signs.

What Goes Into A Termite Inspection

Termite Frass Pile

As a business owner, you’ll want to eliminate a termite infestation as soon as possible. During a professional termite inspection, the expert will check for the pests in the most susceptible areas. Depending on the size of your property, it can take an hour for them to complete an inspection.

Once the inspection has concluded, they will give you a quote for treatment. If the infestation is severe, you must act quickly to avoid further damage to your property.

The most common termite treatments are barrier treatment and termite baits. Barrier treatment involves a soil-applied barrier with termiticides explicitly made for this purpose. It does come with a risk of contamination, especially when surrounding water supplies are considered.

Termite baits will have your pest control expert set up baits to trap the pests. This method, though somewhat slower, is often the more effective of the two. There are no contamination risks, so bait treatments have been generally preferred in recent years.

Preventive Measures

Ignoring or denying the possibility of a termite infestation can become a problem that will grow over time to harm you.

By having regular termite inspections, you can minimise the risk of the bugs hollowing out your business. If an infestation is detected early, you’ll stop the damage dead in its tracks. And since the damage termites cause is generally irreversible, it’s best to prevent them from causing further damage. Doing so will save you a lot of time, money and hassle.

Termites thrive in moisture. Reducing moisture in your workplace and having your plumbing checked for leaks are good preventive measures. You may keep your potted plants at a distance from walls and furniture for minimal exposure to moisture.

If your business is located in a suburban area, you may consider maintaining a separation between the structure and soil.

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Pest control is another aspect that goes into maintaining a business. The impact termites have on a business can be severe if left unchecked. You will not be able to conduct business during treatment due to the chemicals involved. These costs add up in the long run, and you’ll undoubtedly take note of it.

By remaining vigilant, you’ll avoid a significant hassle and save time and money in the long run. Should you find any signs of an infestation, do not delay and have it treated immediately.

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