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What To Do If You Find Termites In Your Apartment Building | Tips

Have you got termites in your apartment and not sure what to do? Before going any further, read our guide on termite infestations and the steps you need to take!
Termites in Apartment

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Have you just realised that some of your wooden furniture has “worn out” more over the past few weeks?

Or is your wooden floor swollen in some places? In all probability, termites are the culprit behind such issues. But tackling them isn’t as easy as eliminating a few pests or insects that occasionally enter through your windows. Termite infestation occurs gradually and can degrade the habitability of any living space.

So, today we thought of penning this guide on what to do if you find termites in an apartment. Check it out.

What To Do If You Find Termites In Your Apartment Building

To determine how best to eradicate termites from your apartment, you need to know who’s responsible for pest control.

You’ll then be able to approach the concerned people or entity for help. Plus, you’ll need to be aware of the signs of pest infestation to watch out for in an apartment. That’s why we’ll be discussing these two points in detail to ensure that you’re better informed.

Who Handles Pest Control Duties In An Apartment?

White Ants Eating Through Wood In Apartment

A. The Landlord’s Assistance

Dealing with a termite issue in an apartment can involve substantial costs, especially in the case of extensive infestation. Most of the time, landlords are responsible for resolving issues affecting their property.

They are responsible for maintaining an environment fit for staying in the apartment. Accordingly, rental units should follow local and state safety and health laws.

Rental units are considered inhabitable in the case of a lingering pest issue. On finding termites in an apartment, the landlord is legally bound to employ an experienced and licensed exterminator who can take up the task of eradicating the problem.

Professional-grade pest control companies apply various methods for termite removal, with fumigation being among the most effective ways. Also referred to as tenting, the technique requires sealing the entire space with a nylon tent to apply a poisonous gas and eliminate all the termites thriving there.

Notably, your landlord is supposed to provide a reasonable notice period for the extermination to ensure you get time for relocation. They should also compensate you for the duration when you’re staying in another place. But no law has been formulated that dictates how much you must receive as compensation, and certain states only need a landlord to provide reasonable benefits after relocation.

B. When You Might Have to Cover The Cost

If the landlord can establish your actions are the cause behind the infestation, they might get you to bear the expenses for the extermination.

Note that termites prefer to inhabit moist, warm spaces that aren’t well-lit. Hence, if there’s too much moisture in a part of the home that doesn’t get enough light, you might be responsible for the termite infestation.

Then the exterminator tackling the termite problem might be able to figure out that the infestation is caused due to conditions in which you’re living. And you will then have to cover the pest control costs.

In addition, the landlord might go to the extent of issuing a quit or comply notice to ensure you better the living conditions in the rented unit.

Signs You Must Be Aware Of

Early detection of the presence of termites can save you the hassle of relocating or a potential payment for pest eradication services. Though termites usually are challenging to spot, there are quite a few signs that they might be around.

Mud Tubes Caused By Termites

1. Damaged Wood

Damaged wood isn’t very straightforward to spot. Apart from checking the wood for holes and nests, another way is to tap it. When you knock on it, you can tell the wood has been eaten from within by its dull thud.

Extensive damage might even result in the wood surface breaking apart. Wooden wardrobes, wooden doors, wooden floors, kitchen cabinets, beams, and wall dividers are also common places to find termites.

2. Mud Tubes

These act as termite shelters, protecting the pests from dry conditions as they search for a food source. In addition to their flattened and muddy exterior, these tubes are among the most apparent signs of a termite infestation. Mud tubes can be found along exterior walls, on pipes, beneath siding or flooring, and on similar fixtures.

3. Bubbled Or Cracked Paint

As termites avoid sunlight, they might sometimes build their nests within the walls. If you notice that the paint or coating on the walls has cracked or bubbled, that might indicate a termite issue within the walls.

4. Swollen Floors

As mentioned earlier, these pests are drawn to darker and moist areas of the apartment. Hence, if there are wooden floors in a rented unit, you might find termites thriving beneath the surface, which may cause swelling of the floorboards.

5. Termite Wings

Another indication of termite infestation is the presence of detached wings around the home. Note that swarmers typically shed wings when they are searching for areas to build their nests. They emerge from hiding during humid conditions and head over to brighter corners.

6. Termite Droppings

Sometimes called frass, these droppings are pellet-shaped and resemble sawdust in their appearance. This indicates drywood termite infestation and proves that healthy termites eat through different wood fixtures and furniture in the apartment.

Eliminating Termites From Your Apartment Building

So, that was all about tackling a termite issue in an apartment. Since these pests primarily feed on wood, they can negatively impact the strength and safety of infested structures. And eventually, the apartment might turn inhabitable.

That’s why you shouldn’t delay informing your landlord about the issue immediately after becoming certain about the presence of termites.

You can contact our team for any professional assistance or advice regarding termite infestations on the Gold Coast. GC Pest Control uses the latest technology and tools to eliminate termites and provide a long-lasting solution.

With that, we’ll sign off for now. But stay tuned as we’ll be back with more informative guides soon. Take care!

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