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What Time Of Year Is Best For Pest Control

Are you considering booking your next pest inspection? Before you do, see what our professional pest technicians recommend is the best time of year for pest control.

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A pest control treatment can do wonders for preventing and eliminating a pest infestation. But, like most things, there exists a perfect time for calling the big guns.

Often, homeowners call for the services when they spot a critter in their home. Though that is generally the advisable practice, you can get the most out of your money by knowing when to call the professionals.

We have gathered all the facts about pest control services and how you can be free of rodents and insects for a long time. Let’s jump right into the points!

Why Timing Matters For Pest Control

By targeting pests when they are most active, you will maximise the elimination of pests from your home. The effects are long-lasting, ensuring you face little resistance from the creatures.

You can see results immediately; over time, the reduced frequency of pest invasions will also catch your eye.

Frequency Of Pest Control Treatments

It’s a good idea to have pest control service professionals visit you once a year so the pesky critters don’t get the chance to bother you. This will limit the number of pests you encounter, making your living experience much better.

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What Is The Best Time For Pest Control

Pests are usually dormant in the winters, while they become active when seeking food and shelter during the summers. During these months, the weather isn’t too cold, and the critters are not as active as in summer. This makes spring the ideal time to call pest control services.

Likewise, September, October, and November are the ideal time for pest control in Australia.

Types Of Pest Control Treatment

During spring cleaning, you may have the idea of getting your home treated for pest control. If you choose to do so, the treatment can be done in three different ways to maximise the efficacy of reducing the presence of critters in your home.

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1. Internal Perimeter Spray

Designed to reduce pests in your house quickly, the internal perimeter spray is a treatment performed in all areas of the interior perimeter. The spray is applied to skirting boards, bathrooms and kitchens.

The core benefit of this method is that the chemical does not wear off quickly, keeping rodents and insects at bay for up to four months. Applying this spray during spring will sharply decline the presence of pests in your house. Moreover, the results are apparent within 24 hours of spraying.

You can use the treatments listed below to keep the house safe from pests during other parts of the year.

2. Roof And Wall Cavity Dusting

Roof and wall cavity dusting remains effective all year long and has the benefit of catching pests in every nook and cranny. It involves using a dusting machine to blow in hard-to-access crevices. This eliminates the critters for the whole year and stops new ones from appearing.

If you live in a brick house, you’ll see immediate benefits from using this treatment. Pests die quickly on coming in contact with the treated areas.

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3. Gel Bait Technique

This technique involves placing a gel bait in kitchen cupboards, cracks and crevices, which attracts pests and kills them off once they consume the bait.

Pests will eat the gel for as long as a year after placing them, making the bait a good long-term pest control method. However, the baits will need to be replaced, as they can turn bad within 12 months.

Keeping Pests in Check at the Right Time

In urban and rural areas alike, pests pose a major problem to the well-being of residents. They are liable to cause significant damage to your property unless proper steps are taken.

By timing your pest control treatments, you can efficiently remove the critters from your house and prevent them from returning for a long time. You may opt for an internal perimeter spray treatment for quick and effective pest control, followed by dusting and gel bait placements for long-term management.

But, if your pest problem is immediate, do not wait for spring to come and contact the pest control services at once. After all, the longer you wait, the greater the chances of rodents and insects ruining your possessions.

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