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Termite Reticulation System

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A Termite Reticulation System is a hose that we bury into the trench while installing a termite chemical barrier (chemically treated zone) at the client’s home. The hose is a strong but flexible pipe with evenly spaced holes at approximately 200 mm intervals. This allows us to replenish the termite barrier more efficiently and cause less disruption. Each hose has a fill point and a stop end. The termite reticulation hose is run to a maximum length of 10 meters.

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How Do Termite Reticulation Systems Work?

We trench around the home’s perimeter, chemically treat the concrete slab’s footings, and backfill the soil up to the point of approximately 50-100 millimetres below the finishing level. We then install the termite reticulation hose in the remaining soil. We generally recommend retreating chemical barriers on a five-yearly basis. When we do retreat, we come back and connect our high powered chemical pump to the reticulation system and treat at high pressure. The chemical is then disbursed evenly through the soil via the holes in the reticulation hose. This means we do not have to re-disturb any landscaping, gardens, grass, pavers, etc. This is also less labour intensive, which saves money in costs.

The termite reticulation pipe does cost a little more to install. However, it certainly saves that money and more for future treatments. To learn more about our Reticulation Systems, please feel free to contact us and speak to one of our termite specialists on 1300 468 284.

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Frequently Asked Question

Can this be installed under concrete? – We strongly recommend installing the termite reticulation system before pouring any concentrate against the home edge—this way, we do not need to drill and inject the new concrete later. Please get in touch with us well in advance of pouring the concrete. If it is existing concrete, the only way we can install underneath is to cut a 200mm wide strip out of the concrete against the home edge, install the reticulation, and then relay the concrete after. Otherwise, we cannot get under the concrete.

Have another question? Give us a call – 1300 468 284. We can also undertake termite inspections, treatment and general pest control services.

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