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Rodents: The Ungrateful Guests This Winter

Are you wondering how to keep your household safe from a rodent infestation this winter? Well, we have the best tips and tricks for keeping your home pest-free. Read along!

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We’re not the only ones that scurry inside when the weather gets cooler. Rodents, such as mice and rats, are warm-blooded like us, so they also find your home cosy.  

The unfortunate fact is – no matter how clean you and your family might be, there’s still a risk of an infestation.  

Rodents: The Winter Pests

Rodents are fairly sneaky, finding ways to enter your home through weep holes (the gaps between bricks), under doors, or even through the roof, so it’s important to get on top of this problem early before the worst happens.  

And we’ve seen the worst! On a previous job, we were called to a house where a brand new Mercedes had stopped working. It turned out rats had eaten through the wiring in an event not covered by insurance or warranty. On a separate occasion, we attended a job where rats had eaten through water mains, flooding an entire apartment.  

Both of these jobs cost thousands of dollars to repair, a bit more than our Rodent Prevention Package which is under $200.   

So where do you start in ensuring pesky rodents don’t take up permanent residence in your home? Let us help you.

Tips For Preventing Rodents In Your Home

Look For Clues  

They may be sneaky, but rodents still leave some clues. You might notice droppings or urine stains, burrows, nests, trails, disappearing food, squeaking or scratching sounds, odours, or your pets becoming excitable for no known reason.  

Keep Your Home Clean 

As mentioned before, we’ve seen some of the cleanest homes have a rodent issue, but keeping your home clean, it will cut down the risk. Make sure you clean up any food mess or scraps, wipe benchtops each night, keep bins sealed, vacuum regularly and wash pet food bowls. 

Block Entry Points

Mice and rats can get through the tightest spaces so you need to block and seal any possible entry points. Remember – if their head can fit through space, their body can. Where possible, seal cracks and crevices, this might include between bricks, in the roof, or even under doors.  

 There are ways to get rid of rodents, and GC Pest Control’s main way is in our Rodent Control Service, which considers the safety of both children and pets.  

We install at least three lockable rodent stations with bait. The lock means children and pets can’t get into them, but we also put them out of reach, such as behind air conditioning units or on the roof. 

This method is a tough ‘tail’ for rodents. They’re usually gone within four – 10 days of installing these stations. This prevents them from harming your family’s wellbeing or damaging your well-earned equipment and home. 

GC Professional Pest Control Services

GC Pest Control’s service includes returning to your home to remove any rodents that have passed in the house. We’ll also treat the area so it doesn’t attract other pests, like maggots or flies.  

We also service commercial buildings, as well as help property managers, ensure their rentals are rodent free!  

To discuss our services and how we can help, get in touch with the team via admin@gcpestcontrol.com.au or call us anytime.

GC Pest Control is a genuine and professional pest control company based on the Gold Coast, with 60 years combined experience of helping customers with their pest control needs. The company, which has operated for around seven years, specialises in all-things pest control, servicing residential and commercial properties. 

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