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Rodents On Your Commercial Property? Follow These Steps

Is your commercial property infested with rodents?  Our guide details the dangers of a rodent infestation, common causes and what you can do to stop it!

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A rat infestation in your home is the last thing you want.

It can happen quickly, as these annoying creatures can enter any building through the smallest of holes. Railings, electrical wires, tree branches, and ledges are a few pathways rats use to access facilities.

And once they get inside the building, they gnaw incessantly on plastic and wood materials. Not only that, but they can also chew on electrical wires, which may then lead to a major power outage. They can cause significant financial losses as well as health problems, so you must eliminate them as soon as possible.

In this guide, we’ve shared what you can do to eliminate these rodents from your commercial property. So, without further ado, let’s dig in!

How Can Rodents Affect A Property?

Mouse In Commercial Building Eating Cheese

Rodents like mice and rats cause structural damage to apartments, homes, offices and virtually any building type through nest-building, gnawing and defecation.

Mice chew on anything they find useful for building their nests. These could be paper, wood, books and cloth. They may gnaw and burrow into car seats or upholstered furniture to create hidden nests.

They can also form tunnels inside attics and walls to gather soft materials for their nest or make a home there. Rodents also chew into the wirings of your house, which can be a potential fire threat.

These creatures can also build their nests inside appliances, chewing wirings and the insulation, which might result in malfunctions, short circuits, or increase the risk of fire. The more undisturbed and hidden an area is, the more likely a rodent feels comfortable building its home there.

Besides damaging your property, they leave fecal droppings and urine trails when they travel around the house looking for food, water, and nesting materials. These then contaminate the food and surfaces and spread several diseases. These serve as trails for other mice, letting them know it’s a safe place to live.

How To Get Rid Of Them?

Here are a few tips to keep rodents away from the commercial properties:

Rat In Commercial Building On Keyboard

A. Proper Building Maintenance

As mentioned earlier, rodents can access your building through the smallest of holes, even as small as ½-inch, so checking for any openings and cracks is important. These cracks often result from constant exposure to sun or rain, and therefore regular maintenance of your building is necessary. If you find holes or cracks despite maintaining your building, call for a professional to deal with them.

You should also caulk any openings or cracks around doors and windows and tighten weather seals. Do not leave unscreened windows or doors open.

Getting rid of nesting materials is also a vital aspect of building maintenance. Ensure rodents don’t find soft materials by storing all rugs, fabric, and blankets in packed storage bins. Keep in mind that mice chew up the paper, cardboard, or lightweight plastic to make their nests, so it’s wise to recycle these materials quickly.

Plus, remove any tree branches or foliage within three feet of your property and keep it clean and tidy.

B. Eliminate Food Sources

Rodents only consume smaller amounts of food daily, and removing the things they eat or keeping them locked away can help. In this regard, you can store pet food, grains, and other food items in metal or glass containers, as mice can’t chew through them.

To keep mice away from your home, store all of its potential food sources in rugged bins, don’t keep pet foods open for long and clean any mess spilled properly.

C. Use A Natural Repellent

Rodents possess a strong sense of smell, which you can take advantage of to get rid of them. In this regard, it’s viable to use natural repellents rather than chemicals as they might also affect your health.

Essential oils are an excellent rodent repellent, as they can’t tolerate the aroma of cayenne, peppermint oil, pepper and cloves. Dip small cotton balls in these oils and keep them in areas prone to mice infestations, like beneath the appliances and behind the cabinets. You can also replace the oil with bleach, vinegar, or toothpaste.

The next repellent you can try is a mixture of water and apple cider vinegar. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle and spray it all-around your house. This will keep the rodents from entering your commercial property.

Get Rid Of Rodents Today!

That’s all you need to know about rodents and how to get rid of them. We hope you found our guide informative and helpful.

You can try more than one of the abovementioned techniques to deter rodents. But if you can’t get rid of them, call a rodent control service at the earliest. These professionals are well-trained and use various tools and tactics to extradite your property.

They specifically rely on trapping, which contains and removes rodents without risking pets, wildlife and children. However, ensure they are properly trained and qualified to do the job.

With that, we’d sign off. Keep an eye on more informative content in our space. Till then, goodbye and take care!

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