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When we think about pests at home we generally think of pests inside the house. We envisage cockroaches, spiders, silverfish and ants. Externally there can be a number of unwanted pests that can make time spent in the backyard a bit unpleasant if left uncontrolled.

Cockroaches, termites, ants, fleas, spiders and rodents happily adapt to a life outside a home if there is adequate shelter, food and water. There is nothing worse than contending with unwanted pests when you are trying to relax in your back yard with family and friends.

Below GC Pest Control provide 10 helpful hints so your back yard remains a haven to you and not to pests:

  1. Keep spiders to a minimum by regularly removing webs from gutters, eaves and door frames
  2. Cockroaches will thrive in plants like palm trees where it is dark and moist between the fronds so keep plants of this type to a minimum in the garden
  3. Remove food and water sources like pet bowls from outside so rodents, cockroaches and ants don’t come to feast
  4. Keep regular flea treatments up to pets to avoid a flea infestation in the back yard
  5. Be termite aware and inspect the perimeter and back yard for signs of termite infestation
  6. Cover food when entertaining to reduce flies
  7. Clean up after back yard BBQ’s and parties to reduce rodents, ants and cockroaches
  8. Remove any containers in the back yard that may catch rain water and make a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes
  9. Carefully remove wasp nests to avoid painful stings
  10. Cover vegetable gardens with netting to keep ants, mice and rats at bay

An annual pest control treatment with GC Pest Control will help to get rid of spiders, ants and cockroaches from your Gold Coast, Ipswich or Brisbane home. Specialised rodent baits are available in our rodent treatments as well to repel and kill mice and rats.

So before your next BBQ or family get together be sure to book in a pest control treatment or any other specialised pest control treatment such as bee and wasp treatments, termite treatments or rodent treatments with GC Pest Control to rid your back yard of menacing and unwanted pests.

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