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Keeping Your Home Free Of Rats And Mice This Winter

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We may live in sub-tropical South East Queensland, but you can’t blame us for rugging up in winter! Unfortunately, neither can whiskered pests like rats and mice!

While having a messy home will significantly increase the chance you find rats and mice. Any home is at risk. This is because what these rodents are looking for is somewhere warm to shack up for the winter, somewhere just like your home.

You’ll be surprised the lengths rats and mice will go to sneak into somewhere cozy, and they’re pretty clever in finding small gaps and openings to enter into. Whether it’s between a pair of bricks, under a doorway, or a hole in your roof, these guys are sure to discover ways into your home.

Keeping Rodents Out Of Your Home

So you might be wondering what you can do to lessen your chances of having any close encounters with these unwanted guests.

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Keep Your Eyes Peeled For Rats And Mice

As sneaky as rats and mice can be, they still leave the odd clue. Whether you spot a nest, food disappearing, suspicious sounds, or strange odours, you must be on the lookout for clues this winter.

Keep Your Home Clean

Even the cleanest houses could be attractive homes for rats and mice. But keeping your home clean will reduce these chances. Apart from being diligent with food scraps and exposed food, make sure you also keep your bins clean and regularly changed, clean pet food bowls, and vacuum often.

Seal Everything

Rodents are astounding body contortionists and will surprise you with how innovative they can be when it comes to finding entry points. What makes them unique is that their body will fit through anything their heads can so keep that in mind when considering what needs to be sealed. Seal crevices throughout your whole home, whether that be in your roof, walls, or doorways.

Getting Rid Of Rats And Mice

At GC Pest Control, our to get rid of rats and mice is our Rodent Control Service, which considers the safety of both children and pets.

We install at least three lockable rodent stations with bait and ensure these are unreachable to children. This lock and location combination means children and pets are truly safe from these stations.

What makes this method so dependable is that it usually gets rid of rodents in a 4-10 day period so you can rest easy knowing your family is safe.

After this period, we’ll stop by your house to remove any of the baited rodents keeping your home clean and pest free.

We also service commercial buildings and help property managers ensure their rentals are rodent free!

To discuss our services and how we can help, get in touch with the team via or learn more about our service.

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