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Protecting Your Home From Spiders

Spider On Lounge Room Floor

Let’s just agree that spiders are low-key terrifying! 

Now, we understand that there are some spiders that are actually beneficial to keeping our home free from bugs. However, many people are hesitant about sharing a living space with an arachnid due to phobias and other factors. 

If you are one of these individuals, then worry not. We have collected a few easy methods and precautions you can try at home to keep those unwanted guests out. 

Of course, you can always go on the route of hiring a professional to handle the situation. But you can start with smaller, more affordable steps to control the spider population in your home. 

With that being said, let’s get right into it!

Keeping Spiders Out Of Your Home

Having a spider in the home can cause concern due to many factors. Among them, the most common fears are being bitten and running into those pesky invisible webs. To prevent the spiders from setting up residence, here are a few steps to keep webs from forming. 

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1. Sealing Cracks 

One of the most basic steps you can take in bringing down the spider population in your home is sealing up cracks. As time goes on and houses settle, slight shifts in the foundation can cause the walls to expand and contract. 

These minor changes can affect the house’s structural integrity and cause cracks to form. Common areas of compromise are the windows and doorways, where the joints become exposed. And it is through these gaps spiders find their way into the home and inhabit the areas that are dry and safe.

By sealing up these holes, you prevent them from entering and trap the spiders either inside or out. The spiders within the house will slowly starve to death, while those outside have no way of entering and increasing the spider population. 

A standard method of sealing holes is applying caulk to the windows and doors to create a tight seal. You can also apply it to wires and cables connected to the outside to create a solid barrier. 

2. Changing Lights

A spider’s diet consists of bugs, which are drawn to light sources. So, eliminating unnecessary lights around your home can reduce the number of bugs in your area. This will, in turn, deter spiders, as they will no longer follow bugs to the vicinity of your home. 

Apart from that, you can set your outdoor lights on a motion sensor to save both energy and money while keeping the bugs from gathering. Additionally, you can apply filters to indoor lights to prevent their entry. A red nightlight is another lighting option that you can use without attracting bugs. 

3. Cleaning 

Cleaning out clutter and plants in your home hinders a spider’s ability to hunt. As it is trapped within the house, the spider has no choice but to hunt to survive. But by eliminating its feeding source, you can slowly remove the spider population. 

Plants and clutter are great hiding spots for spiders to build a nest and breed. So, make sure you don’t have many crowded dark spots in or around the house. If given enough space without any disturbances, the spider will begin making its web, extending its lifespan by catching bugs and feeding. 

Food residue left out on dishes and in the garbage should also be disposed of promptly to limit the spider’s feeding options. The goal is to make sure that the insect cannot attain any food in the house and eventually die out.

Regularity in cleaning is the key to ensuring the spider is not given a chance to create a new web. Plus, it will help you find any webs that have sprung up and need to be removed right away. 

4. Oils 

Spreading particular types of oils around your home can create a scent that spiders cannot stand. Load up a spray bottle of a concoction and give each room a few spritzes, then watch as the spiders come crawling out. Pay special attention to the curtains and furniture to make sure the oil permeates every possible inch of the house. 

An incredibly effective and easily accessible oil is peppermint oil. Many local stores carry some form of peppermint essential oil that you can add to a bottle to create an anti-spider spray. 

Other than that, you can use eucalyptus oil, which has the added benefits of detoxifying the body. Just like peppermint oil, this oil just needs to be mixed with a bit of water, and you can spray it around the house to deter spiders from settling down. 

For a multi-functional oil deterrent, you can use tea tree essential oil interchangeably with peppermint and eucalyptus using the method outlined above. It can also be applied directly onto furniture and clothes and is even safe for the skin. The oil can be soaked into cotton balls and patch up cracks for a foolproof barrier against spiders. 

Essential Oils To Deter Spiders 1

5. Citrus 

Much like using essential oils, other plant extracts can also ward off spiders. In this regard, lemons and limes are beneficial for their high citrus content, which spiders do not like. To use these fruits, peel them and scatter the pieces in the corners of the house. 

Additionally, planting citrus plants in the garden will work just as well as placing citrus peels around the home. They can act as a deterrent for spiders trying to move onto your property. 

6. Natural Deterrents

Beyond these natural deterrents, other methods can be used to effectively spider-proof your home. One of the most easily available items is vinegar, readily found in any kitchen. 

Using vinegar as a spider repellant is similar to that of essential oils. Add equal parts of vinegar and water to a bottle and spray the mixture around the house. Once it settles, the smell will cause the spiders to avoid these rooms. 

Besides, this ingredient can be used in a manner similar to citrus peels. Strategically placed vinegar bowls can benefit your fight against these unwanted guests. This means dark corners and cramped spots where spiders are more likely to set up a new web. We’d advise employing this method a few times a month for 3 to 4 months for better efficiency.

Another natural deterrent is walnuts, although the exact reason behind their efficiency is unknown. Not only are they good for your health, but apparently, they can also scare away spiders. Just place a bowl of some walnuts in the corners of the house and let it work its magic. 

Keeping Your Home Spider Free

A home is a safe place for you and your loved ones to have peace of mind and not worry about the outside world. Having an unwanted arachnid guest can tip the balance and even cause panic in some people. 

But dealing with this intrusion in a safe and timely manner can help restore balance and have you sleep better at night with no worries. 

While these methods can help control the spider population, you should still know when to call in professional help. A full-blown infestation can be dangerous if you try to deal with it yourself. So, don’t delay calling the professionals if you see that the tips mentioned above haven’t yielded the desired results.

If you live on the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, or Brisbane, please feel free to reach out to our team for assistance.

We will see you another day! 

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