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Moving Out? End of Lease Pest Control Treatment

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Who loves moving? That would be a collective no! The weeks of packing, then loading the truck, then unloading the truck, followed by weeks of unpacking! If you are like most of us, it seems every time you move, and you seem to accumulate more stuff, particularly with kids involved and a few more unwanted pests as well.

Most landlords will require a carpet clean and a pest control treatment when you exit rental premises on the Gold Coast, in Brisbane or Ipswich these days. If you have pets, you can expect a flea treatment to be undertaken as well.

GC Pest Control understands how daunting and stressful it can be to move out at the end of a rental agreement.

To that end, we offer a hassle-free End of Lease Pest Control service to treat cockroaches, spiders and ants internally and externally. We use the latest equipment and chemicals available, and our technicians are fully licensed and trained. You can have confidence that your End of Lease Pest Control treatment by GC Pest Control will be done right the first time, so there will be no callbacks.

We will use a liquid spray with an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) internally and externally to ensure the best results with our flea treatment. We will also use insecticidal dust in the roof void, cracks and crevices and known flea harbourage areas to rid the premises of fleas.

GC Pest Control stands by our pest control services, and many of our clients can attest to the GC Pest Control experience in our testimonials. We offer warranties on all of our work and provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We can also help you understand the details of your tenancy agreement and send the receipt and any other documents to your real estate agent.

For an end of lease pest treatment, simply provide us with the address details and the date and time you require the End of Lease Pest Control, and we will be there! We are here to help take the hassle out of pest control for your rental property with our end of lease pest control services.

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