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Most Common Pests Found In The Kitchen

Dealing with unwelcome kitchen pests is easier with a knowledge of what you are dealing with. So, read on to learn what the most common pests are.

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Kitchens are essentially the heart of the home; however, they are also one of the most susceptible areas to “intruders.”

Dropped crumbs and the warm temperatures in the kitchen attract many bugs and insects. Hence, it doesn’t help that all your food is stored in one convenient location. This makes it the perfect habitation for these pests to come in and take residence. 

Dealing with these unwelcome pests can be challenging, although knowing what pest you are dealing with is much easier. Here are the most common pests you may find in the kitchen to help you get started on the road to eliminating these critters from the kitchen. 

Let’s get into it!

Common Pests Found In The Kitchen 

1. Flies 

One of the most common pests in any house is flies, which make their way into the food-rich kitchen. No one wants to have flown in the room where you prepare food and have them all over your edibles. 

Among the different types of flies, the most common ones are standard house flies, which are present regardless of geographical location. Other flies commonly found in kitchens are blowflies, fruit flies, and sand flies. Of course, depending on where you live, other types of flies may be found in your area. 

Fly In Kitchen On Fork

Dealing With Flies 

Ideally, the best way to eliminate flies from entering your kitchen and home, in general, is to make sure they can’t enter in the first place. If you are using screens on your doors and windows, make sure there are no gaps they can fly through. 

Another way to ensure your home is not attracting flies is by removing dead animals and tiny creatures. A common mistake is using rat poison to eliminate pests in and around their homes. An alternative is pest control, which can check for hidden carcasses and remove the source of the fly infestation. 

However, a standard flyswatter or flypaper can be done if you deal with fewer flies. Flypaper can be left out to draw the flies in, and keep them glued in place until you dispose of the sheet. A regular or electric fly swatter around the kitchen will do just fine for a more direct fly removal method. 

2. Cockroaches

Little else says “kitchen pest” like the ghastly sight of a giant cockroach scuttling across the floor! Usually, where there is one, there are plenty more. And if you live in the Brisbane area, you may encounter various species, like the Australian, American, German, Oriental, Smokey Brown, and even the Brown Banded ones. 

Cockroach In Glass Of Milk

Dealing With Cockroaches

One of the main attractions for a cockroach is food scraps and crumbs. When preparing food, make sure the surfaces and floors are properly cleaned after you’ve finished. Additionally, containers for storing leftovers and other foods and bins should be securely closed with lids. 

However, severe infestations may require you to call professionals, as they have treatments formulated explicitly for eliminating cockroaches.

3. Ants

Another regular intruder in the kitchen is ants, and these tiny insects often travel in lines to and from their colony. So, an ant infestation is usually visible as a line of ants across the counter or floor. 

Ants In Kitchen On Sink 1

Dealing With Ants

Like cockroaches are foragers, ants are also attracted to food, especially sugary ones. So, try to keep those sugar treats securely stored away.

Additionally, applying vinegar to the suspected entry areas can help deter them. Follow the ant trail, and you should be able to find their entrance into the kitchen. Again, if these methods are ineffective, calling in professional help may be the only solution to remove the colonies effectively. 

4. Weevils

Weevils are usually found hovering near dry foods in your kitchen. These tiny creatures make their way into pantries and are a regular cause of ruin for rice, cereals, and flour. 

Weeval Found In Rice Packet

Dealing With Weevils

As is the common solution for pest removal in the kitchen, keeping food securely locked away and cleaning the space is essential. If you find large quantities of weevils in a container, throw the contents out and wipe down the pantry shelves with vinegar to prevent further infestation. 

Additionally, you can opt to store your dry ingredients in the freezer, where the cold temperature will keep them away.

Have Your Kitchen Free Of Pests

Hopefully, you are a bit more prepared to tackle any pests that may pop up in your kitchen. Trust us; the best way to prevent them from taking up residence is by keeping your area clean and storing away food in a secure location. 

Keep these tips handy, and you will be prepared for anything Mother Nature throws at you. And for more severe infestations, don’t hesitate to call the professionals

See you next time!

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