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How to Keep Dogs and Cats Safe from Pests

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Most common pest problems affecting pets on the Gold Coast, Ipswich and Brisbane.

Whether your pets spend the majority of their time indoors or outdoors, there are a number of pests they need to be kept safe from, particularly in the warmer months.


The most common insect irritant to dogs and cats is the flea. Fleas can multiply at astonishing rates, from 1 flea to 1000 fleas inside of 3 weeks! If your pet is suffering from a flea infestation you will notice them itching and scratching incessantly. This can lead to hair loss, irritated skin, sores, scabs, transmission of tape worms and some cases can further develop into anaemia.

To control fleas indoors and outdoors you will need to:

  • Regularly vacuum and clean carpets, bedding, pet beds and any other furniture your pet has come into contact with inside or out.
  • Treat your pet with flea treatments. Topical or oral options are available.
  • Regularly wash your pet with a pet friendly flea shampoo.
  • Have a professional flea treatment (indoors and outdoors) by GC Pest Control to stop the fleas reproducing.


Ticks can be fatal to dogs and cats. With our beautifully warm weather on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane, dogs are taken on walks outside and enjoy other outdoor activities, so an encounter with a tick is likely in their lifetime. Symptoms of tick bites can range from irritation, fever, arthritis, swelling of joints, anaemia, lameness and total paralysis. In severe cases paralysis ticks can cause death. If you see a tick on your pet, seek immediate Vet attention.

To prevent ticks on your pets:

  • Treat your pet regularly with an oral tick treatment.
  • Wash pets regularly in a tick shampoo. These often come in flea/tick shampoo combination.
  • Regularly inspect your pets coat for ticks.
  • Refrain from walking dogs through areas of long grass or bush.


Mosquitoes aren’t fussy and will bite pets as well as humans. Bites cause itchy bumps that will see your pets scratching at them to get relief. Mosquitoes are also responsible for infecting pets with heartworm and roundworm. To minimise mosquito bites to pets:

  • Use a pet friendly mosquito repellent. Human repellents will be toxic to animals.
  • Use citronella candles in outdoor areas to naturally repel mosquitoes.
  • Clear away old buckets etc outside where stagnant water is the perfect environment for mosquitoes to lay their eggs in.


Mange is a skin disease caused by a parasitic mite in the hair follicle that will cause irritation, itching and hair loss to both dogs and cats.

To prevent and treat mange:

  • Maintain your pets diet and health for good immunity
  • Seek treatment from a Vet for tests and treatment if your pet exhibits symptoms of mange

Regularly washing your pets, their bedding, treating them with preventative medication and keeping their environment clean should see mostly happy days for your pet.

If you are struggling with a flea infestation be sure to arrange a professional flea treatment with GC Pest Control a call. We will help your Gold Coast, Ipswich or Brisbane based home be flea free.

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