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Keep Cockroaches Out Of Your Commercial Building

Looking for the best ways to keep cockroaches out of your commercial building? Then read this straightforward guide on keeping these pesty insects out of your business. 

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Cockroaches are nothing short of nightmares!

And if they are in your commercial building, then thinking about restoring the hygiene of the space will surely give you sleepless nights. Besides, they can bring in a wide range of diseases, hampering your business and affecting productivity.

We are here with some tips and tricks to counter a roach infestation and get rid of roaches for good. Read on!

6 Ways To Keep Cockroaches Away From Your Commercial Building

Two Cockroaches In Corner Of Bath

1. Ensure Proper Storage

Ensuring proper storage for food items is one of the most effective (and easiest) ways to solve a cockroach infestation problem. All you need to do is use airtight containers to store everything edible. At the same time, avoid keeping drinking water uncovered.

You should also ensure that the area around the food containers is clean and that there are no food scraps anywhere, especially inside a commercial kitchen or lunch break room. The same applies to the pantry of your office.

Not only will this help maintain an overall clean working environment, but it will also prevent other pests and insects from intruding on your property and eliminate a future roach problem.

2. Ensure Proper Waste Disposal

Cleaning the kitchen counters and floors will not be enough if you don’t follow proper waste management. Cockroaches thrive on dead, decaying and moist waste, often found in trash bins. And, this is even more common in humid environments.

For one, ensure all the trash cans in your entire building are properly sealed at all times to prevent the entry of cockroaches. Likewise, they should have leak-proof designs; otherwise, fluid from the wastes will drip and create a breeding ground for these pests. Also, ensure your dirty dishes are cleaned frequently and not left in the sink.

Secondly, always rinse empty food containers and dry them thoroughly before disposing of them in garbage bins. And empty the trash can regularly to eliminate waste accumulation anywhere in the building.

But if you aren’t emptying them immediately, consider storing them in a metal can, as they are challenging to break through.

Leftover or stale food (like meat, fish, or milk) can also invite cockroach infestations, as the pests are attracted to the strong odour. An excellent way to counter this problem is to freeze these food items until they are ready to be disposed of. This will stop any odour formation and consequently the entry of cockroaches.

Lastly, clean the trash bins regularly to get rid of any accumulated waste or leftover odour.

3. Conduct Regular Cleaning Drives

It’s no secret that cockroaches love dark, moist and unclean areas, often in warehouses and storerooms. That’s why cleaning them regularly is important to eliminate unused papers, cardboard, plastics and other such items.

Aside from that, sanitising commercial buildings and commercial kitchens can help eliminate germ formation from skin sheds, leftover cockroach eggs and faecal matter from large populations. You may want to identify any entry points seal cracks that lead to outside or damp areas.

Cockroach Sitting On Edge Of Coffee Mug

4. Implement Sticky Traps

Sticky traps are highly effective and non-toxic means of eliminating cockroaches from your commercial establishment. Simply place them near all doors, windows, sinks and trash cans to trap pests.

One important thing to remember is that not all sticky traps are baited, meaning they may not have the means to attract pests in the first place. If you buy such traps, don’t forget to place small food items on them.

And as you have already understood, you can only use them to trap pests (and not kill them). Once the traps catch the pests, kill them or discard the traps properly at a safe distance from the building.

5. Use Delayed-Action Pesticides

We know what you’re thinking- using pesticides in a commercial setup is a big no-no! After all, you wouldn’t want to endanger the safety of your staff and customers. But that’s where delayed-action pesticides come to your rescue.

The formulation lures the cockroaches to eat the pesticide, and the delayed action means they won’t die immediately, so you don’t have to deal with decaying pest bodies. In most cases, the pests usually die at a location far from the building.

6. Opt For Green Pest Control

You don’t need to tell us the importance of regular pest control sessions, but what we will say to you is to choose green pest control. This will minimise the need for disrupting business operations and the risk of exposing your staff and customers to harmful chemicals.

Dead Cockroach In Glass Of Milk

You’re Gone Cockroaches- Keep Your Bussiness Insect Free!

Before we leave you to the job of deterring cockroaches from your commercial building, here’s one final tip. Keep a check on cockroach infestation from the get-go, and be proactive in implementing the tips mentioned above.

If you suspect an infestation, look for faeces, eggs and skin sheds. Call a professional pest control company immediately to nip the pest problem in the bud if you spot them. And, on the Gold Coast, no one is better than GC Pest Control. Specialising in commercial pest control and termite management, we can eradicate your cockroach problem in no time. So, contact us today for more information on our commercial pest control services.

We will be back again soon, we hope our guide has helped you prevent cockroaches and keep your business pest free!

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