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Is The Body Corporate Responsible For Pest Control?

Facing a pest infestation but not sure whether it's the body corporate's job? Follow our guide on the subject to determine who is responsible for pest control.

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As summer approaches, the number of insects and other critters around the house increases.

The main reason for this is that insects get plenty of heat to keep their bodies warm during this season, keeping them more active. It also means they require more food which, unfortunately, can cause problems such as damage to property and pose health risks.

Timing is everything when it comes to pest control and elimination. The question that arises, then, is who is responsible for dealing with such problems in the case of joint property?

While individuals are responsible for their private property, that is not the case with property shared by a community. We’ve created this guide to help answer that question while also including some helpful pest control tips.

So, make sure to read until the end to learn about them!

Who Is Responsible For Pest Control?

Generally speaking, it is the body corporate’s responsibility to deal with all pest-related problems. These include conducting periodic pest inspections and undertaking precautions to prevent infestations on the shared property.

For any pest inspection and treatment projects required on a particular lot, the responsibility falls on the lot owner. It may also be possible that inside lots and common property can be treated simultaneously, resulting in greater efficiency and more economical treatment.

Whether the treatment needs to be undertaken on a particular lot or a shared area, timely action is important. This is especially true in the case of hidden pests like termites that can cause large scale damage. Such damage may not only be expensive to repair but might also not have any insurance cover.

If the body corporate pest control covers only the community property, getting regular pest treatment services for inspection inside your lot is highly recommended.

Besides that, you can take certain measures to prevent and minimise the possibility of dealing with pests. We’ve mentioned some of these measures in this section.

Measures To Reduce The Risk Of Pests

Mouse On Plate In House

1. Removing Any Food Particles

One of the most important steps to reduce pests is to keep areas where food is prepared and eaten clean of any food particles and similar waste. This is especially important in the case of outdoor common property, like barbecues and picnic benches.

2. Removing Rotting Wood

Decaying and rotting timber can be a haven for creatures such as rats, snakes, and other pests. If there is any decaying wood in or around the community area, you should get it removed as quickly as possible.

3. Timely Emptying Trash Bins

Filled trash bins serve as the perfect breeding ground for insects like flies and mosquitoes, so it is advisable to empty them as soon as they are full. Also, make sure to keep them covered to prevent pests from entering.

4. Ensuring Cleanliness

Another effective method of preventing the growth of pests is to keep common areas tidy and clean, which will prevent rodents and other pests from gathering.

5. Repairing Leaks

Water leaking from underneath the sinks and by the sink top can create areas where ants and roaches love to gather. If you find any leaks, get them repaired as soon as possible to prevent this from happening.

6. Undertaking Regular Pest Inspections

Rodents and other pests can return over time and take up residence where pest control activities have previously been conducted. That is why regular inspections are necessary and can ensure that such pests do not return.

8. Using A Qualified And Licensed Pest Technician

Selecting a qualified pest control service will ensure that your pest problem is dealt with most efficiently and effectively. This is because licensed technicians are familiar with the different ways of dealing with various pests and have the required tools to get it done.

7. Other Methods

Other measures that you can take to prevent the risk of pests include advising owners of termite risks, removing newspapers and old cardboard, and more. Keeping garden beds at some distance from the walls is another effective preventive measure you can take.

Who Deals With Pest Control?

For community areas and properties, the body corporate is responsible for dealing with any pest problems. Since the area covered by such an organisation can vary, you may need to get regular pest control services for areas that are not covered.

Just ensure you hire a licensed and qualified service for pest control to ensure that the problem is resolved in the best possible manner. Also, ensure that periodic inspections are conducted in both communal areas and private lots to prevent pest infestations.

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That’s it for today; until next time!

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