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How To Prevent Mice & Bugs In Your Storage Unit 

Often, storage units are attacked by mice or bugs. Are you wondering how to keep them from chewing through your precious possessions? We'll be glad to help in our guide.

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If a rat smells food, it will find its way in. And bugs are no different!

You are paying to keep the items safe when using a storage unit. Nobody wants to open their unit and find all the goods destroyed. But infestation can happen easily and can reoccur at times.

So, it’s best to visit your storage unit and clean it well. Broom the area and ensure it is spick and span before leaving. Below we will be discussing all the other ways in which you can prevent mice and bugs from entering your storage unit.

Please keep reading to know all about it.

How To Prevent Mice & Bugs In Your Storage Unit

We have divided this section into points for better understanding.

Mouse Under Green Couch

1. Do Not Keep Food Inside Storage Units

It is essential not to leave food items inside storage units. You may have eaten a cake inside the unit and left bits around. This is surely going to attract pests and rodents to the unit.

So, check the entire storage unit for any bits of food every time you visit. Look under the furniture and clean them well. Also, check under cushions to see if there are any crumbs there.

Broom the entire place and ensure tenants or workers do not have lunches near the storage unit. The smell of food is enough to attract rodents, and it needs to be prevented.

2. Cover Upholstered Furniture And Mattresses

Have you wondered how bed bugs enter storage units? It is mostly through mattresses that are kept inside for a long time. So, ensure the mattress is covered in a plastic sheet to keep the pests out.

Also, bugs can get into upholstered furniture and make holes in them. Rodents can chew their way inside as well. So, if any furniture has fabric, cover it well with plastic. However, the wrapping should not be too tight; otherwise, moisture can build up inside. That can spoil the furniture as well.

3. Keep In Airtight Plastic Containers

If you want to store linen, fabric and other clothing, they can be kept in well-sealed plastic containers. Plastic works out well because pests cannot get in easily. Ensure that the containers are well sealed, and there are no remaining gaps.

If you store in cardboard boxes, you should purchase new boxes for the job. Older ones have gaps and holes making it very easy for pests to get in.

Also, do not use cardboard boxes from restaurants or grocery stores. They can smell food or grains, which will attract pests.

4. Equip Yourself With Poison And Traps

You can use cedar blocks, peppermint essential oil or lavender oil to keep pests away. These are natural remedies; you can dip cotton balls in the oil and keep them around the unit. However, you will have to use stronger traps and poisons in an infestation.

Two Bed Bugs On Matress

Either hire pest control services to get rid of the bugs, or you can consider a chemical deterrent.

5. Keep Items On An Elevated Platform

Rodents and bugs are mostly crawling on the floor, and it is best to keep the goods on an elevated platform away from them. The best way to do this is by having clean pallets or shelves at least a few inches above the ground. The goods should be protected from moisture while unwanted insects are deterred from attacking them.

6. Pick Good Storage Facilities

Consider the red flags beforehand if you are hiring a storage facility. A good storage facility will have pest control practices in place. This should be done monthly or quarterly to ensure the place stays safe.

Also, go around the area to see if there is trash nearby, as that can increase rodents or pests in the area.

Pest-Free Storage Units!

Visit your storage units often to check for any damage from pests or rodents. If you spot rodent droppings or new holes, then get the area sprayed immediately. Remove any item that has been damaged and ask the company to check the issue and take appropriate measures.

Also, get tenant insurance for the stored property that covers pest and rodent infestation if the goods are expensive—this will at least help in maintaining your peace of mind.

Further, keep an inventory of all the things stored in the unit. It will make the replacement process easier if an item is damaged, and you can notify the insurance company immediately. These tips should help you make the right choices and maintain a pest-free storage unit. And, for premium pest control services on the Gold Coast, make sure you speak with our team!

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