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How To Ant Proof Your Home

Are you facing large-scale ant infestation in your home? Do not worry, as we are here with a list of things to safeguard your property.

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Summertime means more ants in the vicinity, and your house can easily be swarming with ants. However, there is always a solution to it. 

Ants are tiny creatures, but they can be very disturbing and may take over your kitchen or the dining room in no time at all. They can bite, which can lead to an irritating experience. And if you have kids in the house, it can become even more problematic as the kids may easily wander off to the corners of the room and get bitten. 

We know how irritating it can be; hence, we decided to tell you about how you can get rid of ants faster. If you cannot handle them on your own, call up professionals to do the job for you

So, grab a cup of your favourite beverage and read on! 

How To Ant Proof Your Home

Before telling you how you can ant proof the house, we recommend taking precautions immediately. Ensure that your kid does not move around without slippers. Please keep your pets away from the ants, too, as they can bite them. 

Also, while trying to ant-proof the house, remember to pay attention to the colonies and not individual ants. Keep reading to know more.

Close Up Of Ant

1. Inspecting The Area

Before you can prove the entire house, you will need to inspect the area properly. You can either do it yourself or get help from professionals. Remember that there are varieties of ants and the first thing to do is understand their variants. Once you have found the variety, a plan can be chalked out about how to get rid of them. 

2. Using Sprays

In the markets, you will find sprays specially designed to kill ants. But you got to be careful while purchasing. Some will kill the ants in a particular place, not allowing them to carry the poison back to where their fellow mates are. 

Hence, if you use such aerosols, you will have to keep spraying for a long time to kill all the ants. Also, the colony may not be easily visible, which could lead to problems. 

On the other hand, today, more advanced sprays are on the market. When you use them in an area, the poison stays in place for some time. Any ant that passes through that area catches the toxin and carries it with them. They will then head back to their colonies, ensuring that others also get intoxicated. This type could be very effective in getting rid of the ants. 

3. Keeping Baits

When you have identified the ants, you will know what food they are attracted to. You can then keep ant baits and protein, sugar, or oil to attract the ants. These baits can be in a gel or solid form and are placed in ant baiting stations at places where you see the most number of ants. 

If you are not sure of this, you can hire professionals who might help find the right spots. The baits get carried to the colonies by the ants, killing all the ants within a day. However, remember that the position needs to be perfect so that ants reach the bait. 

4. Spreading Insecticidal Dust

Insecticidal dust can help in providing you with immediate results by killing the ants instantly. To use it correctly, you will need to spread it along the entire path wherever you see ants. If there are spaces where you cannot reach, like, on the roof, you can pour some of the powder inside. 

Also, dust can be spread around the walls outside the house. This should immediately kill the ants and ensure that your property is protected. 

Preventing Ants From Coming Into Your Home

Many people will suggest home remedies to get rid of the ants. While they might work for a while, you should know that they will not give you protection for a longer time. Also, check if you can conduct the ant inspection yourself, or we will definitely recommend getting help from professionals

Please take care of your kids by seeing that they are not getting bitten by ants. Keep the area clean and ensure that you broom or vacuum the house every day. A clean house without food crumbs will attract fewer ants. 

On this note, we will be wrapping up. Let us know if you have any other queries in the comment section below. 

Until next time! Take care.

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