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How Often Should I Book A Pest Inspection

Not sure how frequently you need to book an inspection to keep your home clean and pest-free? Our excellent guide on the topic has all the answers.

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Pests can make everyday life extremely uncomfortable and also endanger health and property.

Preventing the spread of pests through frequent pest inspections is essential. Of course, pest inspections can curb the spread of diseases to keep your family safe at home. At the same time, proper inspections and timely intervention can help save property and goods worth thousands of dollars for businesses. 

Anyhow, letting the problem simmer will take increasingly more effort, time, and resources in the long run.

But the critical question is, how often should you book a pest inspection? The answer is not a very straightforward one as there are several different factors to consider. To help you out, we’ve compiled this in-depth guide and some handy tips.

Without further ado, let’s begin.

Factors To Consider For Booking A Pest Inspection

Some of the most crucial factors that you should consider before booking a pest inspection include: 

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1. The Age And Construction Of The Property

The age and construction of the property are some of the primary things to consider before you decide to book a pest inspection. That said, older buildings are generally prone to pest infestations and require frequent pest control inspections. 

Upon completion of the inspection, the pest control experts will discuss the findings with you and suggest the available treatment and extermination options most viable for that property.

2. Location Of The Property

Location of the property matters when talking about pest control. For instance, structures situated in pest-prone regions, such as forested areas, generally require more frequent pest inspections, as the threat of pests is higher. 

Similarly, areas on the outskirts of cities or semi-urban and rural areas may witness more pest infestations and thus, require more frequent inspections.

3. Preventive Pest Inspections

Most people do not realise the importance of regular pest inspections until a pest problem becomes too large to ignore. However, if you undertake frequent pest inspections without waiting for the problem to escalate, it can help save a lot of time and resources. 

Even if there are slight signs of pests in your property, such as cockroaches in the kitchen, it is generally a good idea to go for a pest inspection. Anyhow, you should schedule an appointment with a professional quarterly or every three months to be on the safer side. 

Important Things To Know About Pest Control

While the points mentioned above can help you determine how frequently you should book a pest inspection, you can remember a few other things. Don’t forget to go through these before scheduling your next pest inspection. 

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1. Professional Pest Control Requires Time

Professional services require a significant amount of time to inspect the property for pests and damage to identify a problem. That said, professionals from a reliable company have the experience and the required equipment to identify different types of infestations. So, give them time, and they may even be able to help you identify problems that you weren’t aware existed.

2. Every Situation Requires A Specific Solution

There is no single solution that you can apply in all cases of pest infestation. Once identifying a pest infestation, the professional team will determine its severity and devise a tailored treatment for the situation.

Like a pest inspection, a pest control treatment also depends on certain factors. Similarly, these generally include the severity of the problem, the location of the property, and other similar factors. 

3. Different Types Of Pests Require Different Types Of Treatment

One of the reasons why there is no single standard solution for all types of pest infestations is because you cannot handle all pests similarly. Different types of pests require different treatment procedures and frequencies. For instance, dealing with an ant infestation requires a bi-monthly treatment, while other pests may need even more frequent visits by the team.

4. Professional Pest Control Services Use Advanced Equipment

While you may be inclined to deal with pests on your own using affordable in-house techniques, professional services usually have the most advanced pest control equipment. These are not only highly effective in exterminating pests but are also entirely safe for you and your loved ones, including pets.

5. Pest Control Services Generally Cover A Wide Range Of Pests

Most professional pest control services cover several common pests, including ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, fleas, silverfish, and more. So, you can book the same service for getting rid of more than one type of pest. 

6. Timely Inspection And Control Is Crucial

Timely inspection of your property is an effective preventive measure to control the growth of pests. Pests can cause a lot of damage to the property and cause diseases resulting in medical expenditures if left untreated. 

Also, removing pests at the earlier stage of infestation is more straightforward than when the problem has spread throughout the building. 

7. Regular Inspection Post-Treatment Is Essential

Once your property is treated by pest control services and becomes pest-free, it is crucial to undertake frequent inspections to keep things that way. While pest treatments can last for a long time, they fade away after some months, allowing pests to return. 

8. Pest Control Prevention And Treatment Are Different Things

Pest control prevention is not the same as treatment. Treatment involves dealing with and eradicating pests already present on your property. On the other hand, pest control prevention involves taking measures to prevent the entry or re-entry of pests on the property.

9. Pest Inspection And Control Pricing Depends On Several Factors

How much it will cost you to book a pest inspection and control service depends upon many factors. The most prominent among them include the size of the property, type of building, nature and size of the pest problem, etc. 

When Should You Book A Pest Inspection

The age-old adage, “Prevention is better than cure”, is highly applicable when dealing with a pest problem. On that note, a timely inspection of your property can help protect it against damage while also saving you the stress and bills of a much bigger problem.

Also, remember that the nature of your pest problem will decide the best way to deal with it. Here, you can trust professional services with experienced teams and the most advanced tools to help identify and eradicate any harmful pests. 

But since pest infestations can become a recurring problem, frequent inspection and maintenance are vital whether or not pests have entered your home yet. So, don’t forget to book an appointment today if it’s been more than three months since the last one. 

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