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How Does A Disinfectant Misting Treatment Work?

Heard a lot about disinfecting treatments for your home and commercial premises but not sure how they work? Read along as we detail the process and the updated COVID-19 disinfection process.

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2020 has been a tough year for many businesses and families, getting through the pandemic and the ‘buzz-word’ phrase of adjusting to our new normal.  

However, one potentially positive outcome from the pandemic is that people will have a more significant commitment to personal hygiene, prioritising how they can keep their families, friends, and colleagues safe.

At the outset of the pandemic, we considered how we could contribute to this, but more so in ensuring homes and businesses could sanitise their property to prevent illness.   

So, we launched the Disinfectant Misting Treatment, using a formula that is effective against COVID-19. The treatment kills 99.99% of pathogens, providing complete and near-instantaneous decontaminating surfaces and hard to reach areas.

The treatment is suitable for any environment that requires the eradication of viruses and bacteria. But most importantly, it is safe, utilising a food-safe and water-based formula that’s eco-friendly ideal for use around children, pets and plants.

When Should You Get A Disinfectant Misting Treatment Done?

We know many business premises have been vacant or ‘skeleton–staffed’ during the pandemic. Hence, as staff return, or even customers, it’s essential to book a Disinfectant Misting Treatment. It allows the workplace to be sanitised from the beginning, giving your customers and staff peace of mind knowing the place they frequent is safe, and their wellbeing has been considered.

For families, it’s likely many homes have been well occupied over recent months, meaning a home could have a high level of pathogens. A Disinfectant Misting Treatment is therefore helpful in ridding these pathogens that might have built up; consider it a spring clean (even though it’s winter!).  

What Do You Need To Do Before A Misting Treatment?

Before GC Pest Control arrives at your property, it is essential to wipe all surfaces and put all non-essential items away. This will allow the Disinfectant Misting Treatment to spread evenly across surfaces, optimising the efficacy.  

After the treatment, we ask occupants to stay out of their home or property for two hours to allow the misting treatment to settle.

How Long Does It Last?

Our customers generally retreat their property with a Disinfectant Misting Treatment every 1-3 months. It is still essential to optimise quality hygiene practices with your family or workers between visits to prevent the threat of spreading illness.

Who Dispenses The Disinfectant Misting Treatment?

This easy and convenient service to support the community’s health is dispensed by our licensed, qualified and insured technicians with years of knowledge in the pest management business. From the outset of COVID-19, we underwent Infection Control Training to continue to deliver our services in this new environment.  

Want to know more about our Disinfectant Misting Treatment or add it to another service, such as a General Pest Control or Rat Prevention or Control? Get in touch here.   

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