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How Do You Stop Termites From Invading Your Home?

Termite Inspection

At GC Pest Control, we know the home is not only where the heart is, but also where you’ve likely invested a great deal of your livelihood.

So, we know you don’t want to welcome any pests that can cause more damage than children or pets, such as destructive termites.  

Over the years we’ve seen some incredible damage termites have caused to homes, either when a homeowner has neglected an annual inspection, or if a Building and Pest Inspection wasn’t completed properly (not by GC Pest Control of course!) before the new, excited homeowners signed on the dotted line.

Keeping on top of termites cannot be neglected. Also commonly known as ‘white ants’ they pose a huge threat and are said to affect one in four homes in Australia.

Even if you have a recently built home, it’s important to check if it was built with a termite protection system in place. Find out what kind it was, and still book in for annual inspections.

The important take away is not to be alarmed by termites, but to do everything you can to be prepared and proactive. We can help!

How often do I need a termite inspection?

The phrase “prevention is better than cure” has never been more relevant than when talking termites. Whether you’ve just bought a house, or have been there for years, an annual termite inspection is essential. It is also cost affective; our prices start from $145 for a 1-2 bedroom home, but usually $249 for a standard sized home – a small price to pay when the potential damage bills can be in the tens of thousands of dollars.

When choosing a company to deliver a termite inspection, ensure their service complies with Australian Standards (AS 3660.2:2017). Also ensure they are thorough and that you receive a detailed report post-visit.

How do I protect my home?

Our termite protection systems have been developed to not only protect your home from termites, but also to ensure we uphold the aesthetic integrity of your home.

We offer two different termite management systems, a Chemical Barrier and a Termite Baiting & Monitoring System. Usually one or the other is used however, sometimes both depending on the construction design of the property.

Our Chemical Barriers involve installing a chemically treated zone where we dig a trench around the perimeter of your home which is treated and backfilled. If your home is bordered by a footpath or patio, we drill holes and inject the soil below with Termiticide. The Chemical Barrier is highly effective and comes with a five year $100,000 Insurance Policy.

“Drilling holes” into a home you’ve worked so hard for might sound alarming, but we are focused on aesthetics. When we drill holes we ensure this is done almost artistically to make it not obvious. Unfortunately, not all companies have that much attention to detail. From using colour matching plugs or grout to silicon and stones, we ensure evidence of our work is as subtle as possible.

Add A Little Bit Of Body

Our termite baiting and monitoring system is also very effective. Termite baiting is designed to protect structures by eliminating foraging termites around your home. We use sturdy and discrete bait stations, designed to encourage station interception and feeding to ensure colony elimination.

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Even with these systems in place it is still important to keep up with your annual termite inspections.

How can I prevent termites?

Termites are very hardy pests, but along with booking an annual or 6-monthly termite inspection to ensure you’re on top of any issues, you can limit the chances of them making your property their home. This involves reducing conducive conditions they love, such as preventing moisture issues by ensuring drains and pipes are free from leaks and that hot water and air conditioning units have correct drainage, and removing all scrap timber or dense foliage from your yard.

At GC Pest Control, we support your termite journey through all aspects, from inspections and remedial treatments to implementing termite protection systems. We hope for your sake we don’t find termites, but if we do, we embed the most appropriate and cost-effective solution.

Like to know more about ensuring termites don’t invade your home? A termite inspection is a great place to start! Get in touch with the team here.

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