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Getting Rid Of Cockroaches And Other General Pests

Need a solution to get rid of cockroaches at your property? Don't fear! We have simple tips and tricks from industry professionals so that you can say goodbye to pests for good!
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Although summer is almost over, it doesn’t mean you can breathe easy when it comes to pest control. Due to Queensland being… well, Queensland, it rarely gets cool, meaning pests like cockroaches, ants and spiders tend to settle in after a strong breeding season.

Getting rid of cockroaches, along with ants and spiders, is quite easy with cost-effective and time-efficient means that come with a service guarantee.

Although it can be a thrill to chase a pesky cockroach or a spider with bug spray in one hand and a slipper in the other, it doesn’t have to be a regular occurrence.

What Is A Cockroach Treatment?

The key with cockroaches is to be vigilant; just because you haven’t seen any cockroaches does not mean they are not there. Cockroaches are excellent at hiding and have often made themselves comfortable long before being discovered. What your grandfather has been telling you for years is true: where there is one cockroach, there are likely more. A cockroach treatment involves using either liquid sprays, baiting gels, insecticidal dust or non-toxic traps to safely and efficiently eliminate the pests.

What Does An Ant Treatment Involve?

An ant treatment is applied after a thorough inspection to ensure adequate measures are taken. This can involve an ant bait gel applied to areas where ants are known – the ants then feed on the bait and take it back to and kill off the nest – a liquid spray applied to all external entry points or insecticidal dust applied to cracks and crevices.

How Do You Get Rid Of Spiders?

There are thousands of species of spiders in Australia; only some can cause harm, while others can be annoying or leave messy webs. If you see several spiders in your home, then it could be time for a spider treatment. This involves using the treatment at all entry points, including weep holes and around doors and windows.

What Can I Do To Prevent Cockroaches, Ants And Spiders From Entering My Home?

The key to keeping cockroaches and ants at bay is removing all food and water sources. Remove any food scraps, ensure food is well sealed, and regularly clean pet bowls. To deter spiders, ensure all entry points are sealed while also monitoring any outdoor areas conducive to spiders.

Keeping Your Home Pest-Free

We hope this guide helps you to avoid a nasty pest infestation.

Even if you do all these things, the pests might still get through, so specific treatments or General Pest Control can be incredibly beneficial.

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