Getting Rid Of Your Flea Problem

Are you experiencing a flea issue at your home in Queensland? Don't fear, as our professionals have created this guide to help you eradicate your flea problem once and for all!
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Are you experiencing an armageddon of fleas, waging war against the human inhabitants of your home? Can you not step outside without having scores of fleas biting your feet and legs? Do you seem to be scratching with fleas just as much as your dog or cat is?

Time to call in the professionals, GC Pest Control, for a flea treatment. Let us get those fleas under control once and for all!

Fleas are indeed one of the most annoying pests we can encounter in our homes. Infesting our pets, they can then come to nest in the pet’s bedding, grassed areas, then in the carpets, furniture, and bedding in our homes, causing severe irritations from their bites. Fleas can also be the cause of disease transmission.

How To Prevent A Flea Infestation:

  1. Treat your pets with topical or oral flea treatments
  2. Wash pets and pets bedding regularly
  3. Inspect pets for fleas after a day out with pets
  4. Wash items that may harbour fleas
  5. Vacuum carpets and furniture regularly to prevent fleas from nesting

Eradicating Fleas In Your Home

If you are past the prevention stage and are suffering a flea infestation, let GC Pest Control take the pain and hassle out of trying to eradicate a challenging pest yourself.

One of the many specialised pest control treatments GC Pest Control can offer is a professional flea treatment.

Before our fully trained and licensed pest control technician arrives at your property for a flea treatment, there are a few things you should do to ensure the best possible treatment. You should vacuum carpets (including the less disturbed areas), mop floors, clean upholstered furniture, and clean your pet’s resting areas. Our pest control technician will then inspect the property for signs of fleas and begin the flea treatment.

We will use a liquid spray with an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) internally and externally to ensure the best results. Our team will also use insecticidal dust in the roof void, cracks and crevices, and known flea harbourage areas. While the flea treatment is taking place, it is essential to remove pets from the premises. While the pets are away from the premises, you should have them treated for fleas to reduce the chance of a re-infestation of fleas from the adults carried on pets.

To win the war against fleas in your Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, or Ipswich homes, call the leading pest control company for flea treatments, GC Pest Control. We will help to have fleas no more!

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