Five Signs Your Home Might Have Termite Damage

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Termite Inspections are a must for many homes and are often needed every six to 12 months.

But how do you know if your home might have a termite infestation? Along with booking regular inspections, it’s also important to remain vigilant, including looking for these five key signs.    

1. Your Doors And Windows Are Hard To Open And Close

Queenslanders are no strangers to the inconveniences that come with our notoriously hot summers. While it may be easy to blame sticky doors and stiff windows on the humidity, it could be the work of termites. Hard-to-open doors and windows can result from the moisture produced by termites by eating and digging through door and window frames.

2. You Can Hear Clicking Noises In Your Walls

Termites are both noisy eaters and savvy insects. Suppose you hear clicking noises coming from your walls. In that case, it might be worker termites nibbling noisily, or even the protectors of the colony, soldier termites, communicating to other termites about dangers.

3. You Have ‘white Ants’ Hanging Around

Termites are often mistaken for the average ant as they may look similar in appearance. ‘White ants’ are just an unofficial name for termites, so don’t be fooled – if you think you see ‘white ants’, it could be termites.

4. Hollow Walls Or Sloped Ceilings

Termites consume the wood from the inside out to remain discreet and hide signs of their activity. As a result, your walls may sound hollow due to termites eating the key structural components. Ceilings may also contain bubbling and discolouration that often resembles the look of water damage. The termites might have also been attracted to moisture from water damage in the first place.

5. You See Mud ‘Tubes’

Mud tubes are small tunnels that extend from and connect to termite nests and are visible signs that termites are currently, or were previously, present in your home. If any of these five signs are present in your home, get in touch with us to save yourself what could turn into tens of thousands of dollars in termite damage.   

Professional Termite Inspection

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