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Educate Employees On Workplace Pest Control

Do you want to avoid any potential pest infestations at the workplace? Read this guide to educate your employees on workplace pest control and hygeine!

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The mere thought of pests crawling about the workplace can make anyone shudder in disgust.

Hence, hygiene plays a crucial role in creating a peaceful and productive work environment. Even cooperative colleagues and a few hits of espresso won’t be able to replace the feeling brought on by working in a clean environment.

However, good scrubbing and cleaning aren’t the only things required to maintain excellent hygiene standards. The workspace needs to be free of pests and critters, too, posing many health risks.

A mere managerial effort to combat the existence of pests won’t suffice, though. This is why it is important to educate employees on workplace pest control to eradicate the existence of pests. Thus, this guide explains how to do this and what to tell your employees.

Educate Employees On Workplace Pest Control

Meeting About Controlling Pests In Workplace

Common Pests Found At The Workplace

Here are some of the pests that you’re bound to run into at the workplace:

1. Ants

Ants are attracted to food and, in particular, sweet treats. Sometimes, you’ll find them chomping away in the dumpster, on your desk, and even inside the kitchen. Once ants build a colony, the number of ants might increase exponentially.

2. Spiders

Finding spiders at the workplace is even sadder news than finding ants. That is because spiders prey on smaller pests for food, which is why if you spot a spider, in all likelihood, there are other pests too. Some of the areas where spiders commonly reside are corners of walls, desks and vents in the room.

3. Bed Bugs

If they weren’t enough of a nightmare to deal with at home, it’s extremely unfortunate that you might run into them at the workplace too. Since most offices have at least some furniture made of wood or fabric, it’s common to find bed bugs on those that aren’t cleaned well.

What’s more, if bed bugs at the workplace are left unchecked, you risk carrying some on your way back home!

4. Cockroaches

Similar to ants, cockroaches feast on human food, and if you tend to leave food lying on your desk, they may come to eat it. They also like consuming office supplies such as glue, making your work desk highly susceptible to them.

Other places where cockroaches are commonly found are the supply closets and kitchen cabinets.

5. Flies

Moving on, flies are yet another common pest found in the office. The worst part about them is that they tend to feed on organic matter and spread the most diseases. If you leave moist food and other damp substances lying around, then flies may even use them as a breeding ground for laying eggs.

6. Silverfish

Have you ever opened an old book and seen something silver fall out of it? That’s a silverfish. They often hide in the leaves of books and feed on the starch in the paper. Apart from that, they’re also found in bathrooms due to their affinity for humid places.

7. Termites

Their diet consists of wood but can also include cellulose. This is why it’s common to find termites on wooden furniture and office supplies like cardboard, printing paper, etc.

8. Drain Flies

These are a type of special fly found in dirty pipes and clogged drains. So, if your office has a buildup of dirt due to a plumbing issue, or poor hygiene in the toilets, you might encounter one of these.

9. Rodents

Another consequence of insufficient workplace hygiene are rats, which aren’t just annoying but also swarming with pathogens. They are lured by food, so you might find them foraging in the dumpsters or behind food supplies.

Tips To Avoid Pest Infestations At The Office

First of all, if anyone notices a pest, it needs to be taken seriously since ignoring it can lead to a full-blown infestation. We recommend alerting all your employees about the pests’ existence to take collective action.

Clean the area where the pest was found after tracking it down (if you can.) Use pesticide and disinfectant to rid the area of any harmful pathogens thoroughly. Although if the infestation is large-scale, you may need to call a professional.

However, getting rid of the pest isn’t enough since this can become a recurring problem. Adopt the following work habits to prevent this from happening again:

Eating Food At Desk Attracting Pests

1. Don’t Munch At The Office Desk

We all do it, but eating at the desk means leaving crumbs on the keyboard or desk. These lure roaches and ants, which in turn lure spiders, so we recommend eating in a designated area to prevent this from happening. Alternatively, you can clean up after yourself once done.

2. Clean The Pantry And Fridge Regularly

Lack of hygiene will cause the food to spoil and attract various pests. This will not only become a menace but also affect your overall health. Thus, ensure that the pantry and fridge are methodically cleaned periodically.

3. Avoid Leaving Uncovered And Unsealed Food At The Work Desk

To prevent flies from settling on your food, always ensure that you cover the food or put it in the fridge before leaving. In particular, food containing sugar tends to attract the most pests.

4. Encourage The Employees To Maintain High Levels Of Hygiene

Try to get all your employees involved and work toward keeping the workplace sanitary at all times. Ensure that work equipment doesn’t collect dust over time and that any furniture fabrics at the office are properly cleaned.

In addition to that, we also recommend putting up friendly posters to encourage your employees to stay clean. For instance, a poster on proper waste disposal would help prevent the entry of pests.

Keeping Your Workplace Clean And Pest-Free

Apart from health-related issues, pests cause losses at work too. Rats may chew on electrical wires and bring down entire networks and servers. This would seriously impact the performance of your company, which is why we highly suggest adopting the measures mentioned above to prevent a bug infestation.

However, if a pest infestation has occurred in your office, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team. We are a professional, reliable and friendly pest control company specialising in commercial pest control in South East Queensland.

With this, we’ve reached the end of the guide. Until next time!

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