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Do You Need A Pest Control License In Queensland?

Are you wondering if you need to get a license to engage in pest control activity in Queensland? Here’s a guide with all that you need to know.

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And one of the significant places that often get infested with pests is our homes. So, sooner or later, you will need to deal with unwanted guests like bees, cockroaches, and mice

However, in Queensland, you can only take up pest control work if you have the required license or work as a trainee under a licensed Pest Management Technician (PMT). 

Under Section 11 of the Act in Queensland, pest management licenses can only be issued to individuals and not directly to corporations. It is also important to mention that you cannot transfer the license to anyone else’s name. 

If you fail to follow the rules, you can lose your license and incur a serious fine. So, if you are 17 or above and are in the right state of mind to hold the license, you can apply for it today.

To know more about pest control licenses in Queensland, keep reading!

Necessary Qualifiers To Be A Pest Management Technician

To become a PMT in Queensland, you need to have the right skills and qualifications necessary for the job. It is also essential that you have the suitable physical and mental capacities to carry out the essential tasks.

We strongly suggest that you refrain from engaging in activities not covered under your license.

A person with disciplinary action pending against them will most likely fail to get a license due to possible convictions. If you have any past conviction record, you need to clearly state the form of offence in the application. 

How To Apply

Before applying for the license, we suggest that you go through the rules and regulations minutely. To apply, you must adhere to the terms and conditions stated on the form. 

The first step is to pay the prescribed fee and attach all necessary documents with your application to receive and submit the form. 

If you plan to engage in fumigation activities, you must complete a Declaration of Assessment. After that, you have to perform site fumigation and will be scored by an assessor based on your performance. 

You will only get a Declaration of Assessment testifying that you are suitable to carry out the job by performing well.

How Long Are The Licenses Valid? 

PMT licenses generally vary between 1 and 5 years, depending on the qualifications that one has and a few other factors. Types of licenses vary depending on the site of fumigation and the pest-management activity one plans to carry out. 

It is important to note that the applicant must bear the cost of replacing the photographic license if the certificate is stolen, lost, or damaged before it is delivered. You would need to fill out an application form stating the reason behind your request to replace the certificate with a new one. 

Pest Management Qualifications

The Department of Education, Skills, and Employment lists a series of competencies necessary for the Certificate III qualification. Your documentation will only be accepted by Queensland Health if a full certificate charts out all the required competencies that the RTO issues. 

To know more about the courses and the necessary qualifications, we recommend visiting their official website. 

As we have mentioned before, for a license for fumigation activity, you would have to provide a Declaration Assessment showing that your skills have already been professionally assessed. 

Why Is A Pest Control License Necessary?

If you wonder why there is a need to get a license for pest management work, let us break it down. Pest control mainly involves fumigation and other activities to drive out pests from a specific site. But more importantly, it consists of the use of chemicals and materials that require special training

You need to acquire the proper training to safely prepare pesticides to repel or stupefy pests. Like pest control activity, fumigation work also requires the right training to know how to sterilise the pests and prevent the spread of germs

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Importance Of Pest Licenses

If it is still not clear why pest licenses are so essential, let’s look at its main objectives. 

It primarily aims to protect the public from the improper use of pesticides and failure to control pests effectively. When individuals have the correct training and licenses, they will have access to all the essential materials to help get rid of pests. 

The licenses are a good way to ensure that qualified technicians only carry out these procedures in a safe fashion. 

Why Is A License Necessary For A Pest Control Technician?

With that, it’s a wrap!

You must have understood the importance of pest control licenses, ensuring that people only use efficient and safe methods to get rid of pests. These certifications are only issued after rigorous tests and after careful assessment so that the concerned people can correctly handle the toxic materials. 

With the proper training and supervision, you will be able to figure out how to use such materials safely to get rid of pests. If you have any more questions about licensing, please reach out to us in the comments section below. 

Until next time, we’ll see you soon with more exciting articles!

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