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Do Flying Termites Mean A Termite Infestation?


At GC Pest Control, we believe strongly in the old adage of ‘prevention being better than cure’ when it comes to termites. Being vigilant and keeping an eye on any potential threat is a huge way you can prevent damage to your home. 

Along with getting regular, either six monthly or annual Termite Inspections (which will be guided by your technician), make sure you stay vigilant by watching for tell-tale signs to prevent a termite infestation. A big sign to look out for are flying termites, also known as alates.

What are Termite Alates?

Alates is a term given to many insects with wings, including termites. Flying termite alates are tasked to leave the nest to begin a new colony, sometimes not too far away from their parent colony. They come out when there’s a change in humidity and some termite species leave the nest on the same day or night. When the alates start their new colony, they shed their wings and become a king or queen and are responsible for reproduction.

Should you be worried about termite alates?

Knowing that termite alates sometimes don’t venture too far to begin a second colony, seeing alates can be worrying. It could mean there’s a termite nest within or near your home, and another colony is about to start nearby.

What should you do if you see termite alates?

Book a Termite Inspection and describe what you’ve seen; the frequency of the alates flying and how many you’ve seen. Seeing alates should reaffirm the importance of your Termite Management System. If you have an up to date system, there should be nothing to worry about, and chances are the alates have come from outside your home. But it’s still important to book an inspection.  

What will you look for in an inspection?

As flying termite alates leaving the nest and starting a new colony could happen in one night, our termite inspectors won’t be looking for flying alates. We’ll be looking for evidence of termite nests. We’ll check throughout your property, including grounds, walls, roof, trees, stumps, fences and retaining walls. If you have a Termite Management System in place, such as a Chemical Termite Barrier, or a Termite Baiting and Monitoring System, we’ll ensure it is up to date. And if you don’t have a system in place, we’ll recommend the best options.

Our team are happy to discuss your options to ensure your home is protected. Get in touch with GC Pest Control here.

ABOUT GC PEST CONTROL: Do you need to get rid of flying termites? GC Pest Control is a genuine and professional pest control company based on the Gold Coast, with 60 years combined experience of helping customers with their pest control needs. The company, which has operated for around seven years, specialises in all-things pest control, servicing residential and commercial properties.

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