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Buying A Home? Don’t Get Caught Out With Hidden Termites

Termite Inspection Gold Coast

This week A Current Affair shared a shocking story about a family who thought they had purchased their dream home, only to realise it was ridden with termites and damage. The homeowners did the right thing by engaging with a professional to undergo a Pre-Purchase Building and Pest Inspection, who reassured them that the home was structurally sound without risk.

We wish we could say this was an uncommon occurrence, however, only this week one of our termite inspectors visited a home that had just been purchased only to find termite presence and damage, when a Pre-Purchase Inspection by another company had come out clean.

So, how can homeowners ensure they don’t get caught out by termites?

#1 Research the company

Research the company you use, and if they are a joint Building and Pest Inspector, check their experience, including how long they’ve been a qualified Termite Inspector. It is essential the company is insured and complies with the Australian Standard.

#2 See what others think

Most reputable companies will have an online presence, including reviews you can see via Google or social media. Ensure you give these a skim so you can flag any potential concerns from previous customers. If you haven’t already seen our Google reviews, or feel like throwing in a good word you can do so here.

#3 Complete your own inspection  

Check out the home yourself as well, so you can identify any potential issues. This might include eaten away or deteriorated skirting boards or sloped ceilings from water damage which can be caused by termites. Check out around the home too, as any dead wood, stumps or foliage are attractive to termites. Discuss these issues with both your realtor and your Building and Pest Inspectors prior to purchase.

#4 Be present for the inspection  

Attend the inspection so you can learn of any potential issues first-hand which will allow you to understand the report delivered by the inspectors. While you’re there, you’ll also see the areas the inspectors check. This should include both the home, the property and fence line to identify current or potential termite issues.

#5 Any concerns? Don’t hesitate to get a second opinion

Your dream home could be anything between $500,000 to $1 million or more, so another few hundred dollars on a second opinion is a small price to pay to ensure you’re making a smart purchase. If you don’t feel satisfied with your Pre-Purchase Building and Pest Inspection reports you can call the inspectors to ask further questions or engage another company for a second opinion. Paying for another inspection is nothing compared to what might be a long-term mortgage on a structurally compromised home.

GC Pest Control offers a range of services, including Pre-Purchase Pest Inspections, Annual Termite Inspections and effective Termite Prevention Systems. Get in touch with the team here to discuss.

ABOUT GC PEST CONTROL: GC Pest Control is a genuine and professional pest control company based on the Gold Coast, with 60 years’ combined experience of helping customers with their pest control needs. The company, which has operated for around seven years, specialises in all-things pest control, servicing residential and commercial properties.

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