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What to do if a Bee or Wasp Stings You.

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Bees are environmentally friendly insects, pollinating plants and making honey. Bees will sting you if they feel threatened and will die once they sting as their stinger will remain stuck in the skin of the victim.

A wasp is neither a bee or an ant, although it can be a similar colour to a bee, its body is usually longer and narrower and wasps are more aggressive than bees.  Like the bee it packs a powerful stinger but wasps can sting repeatedly as their stingers remain intact.

Reactions to bee or wasp stings are totally individual, each person reacts differently when stung.  Mild symptoms will include redness, a raised welt, burning or pain at the site of the sting, itching and swelling.  Unfortunately, a small number of the population will experience a more severe reaction including swelling to face, tongue or throat, dizziness, difficulty breathing, drop in blood pressure, nausea, vomiting, stomach cramps, weak or increased pulse rate, anaphylaxis or death.

If you have experienced a bee or wasp sting, commence treatment immediately using the following methods:

Mild Reactions

  • Clean the sting area with mild soap and water to remove venom.
  • If the bee stinger is still in the skin, gently remove with your fingernails or tweezers.
  • Apply an ice pack or cold compress to the sting site.
  • Take a paracetamol for pain if necessary.
  • If experiencing itching and swelling, an antihistamine can be taken as well.

Severe Reactions

  • Lay the victim down and keep them calm
  • Administer Epi-pen if victim is known to suffer severe allergic reactions.
  • Ring 000 immediately for an Ambulance and follow their instructions.
  • Administer CPR if breathing has stopped.

Comfortingly most bee and wasps sting victims recover quickly. Only a very small amount of cases can result in the worst from bee or wasp stings each year.  Administering treatment or seeking medical treatment as soon as a sting has occurred gives you the best chance to recover without further complications.

If you have bee or wasp nests at your home or commercial premises be sure to contact the professionals at GC Pest Control for a bee or wasp treatment in Brisbane, Ipswich and the Gold Coast. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

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