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5 Most Common Pest Problems In Commercial Buildings

Have you tried to remove pests from your building without success? Read our guide on some of the most common pests disrupting commercial building operations.

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Once pests invade an area, removing them can be pretty challenging.

Pest invasions are a nightmare, especially for food businesses that need to maintain safety and hygiene measures to run smooth operations. As pests make homes in the buildings, it could seriously affect the food safety and health code, causing illnesses. Not to mention the scrutiny and fines that could be slapped on the business for safety violations.

Anyone with a commercial building knows how crucial it is to keep the space pest-free. Word spreads quickly when a restaurant or food chain with edible goods is found to have pests. It could be embarrassing and ruin the business’s reputation.

Food inspectors take these matters very seriously and might charge a hefty fine or ask the business to discontinue services until the pests are removed.

5 Most Common Pest Problems In Commercial Buildings

Commercial Pest Control For Warehouse

If the area is not cleaned regularly, contains overflowing food waste in the bins, and has grime on the floor, pests are more likely to appear. Since commercial food buildings provide direct access to food, there are a few common pests that inhabit them. Commercial buildings are often infested with the following pests:

1. Rodents

Wherever there is food, there will be rodents like rats and mice attracted by the smell. Once they get on the premises, they find holes to hide in during the day and then come out at night to scavenge for leftover scraps. This is why maintaining cleanliness daily is of utmost importance to prevent them from finding any food in the first place.

If all the food is stored in airtight containers in storage areas or refrigerators, there will be no smells to lure the rats in. For safety, the containers should be at least 18 inches from the walls so that rodents have limited access. Keeping the food prep areas and floors spotless also helps.

In the case of hotels, used dishes must be taken away swiftly instead of sitting in the corridors for too long.

Rodent Found In Commercial Building

2. Flies

Rubbish bins are a collecting hub for flies and are common in any building, with significant amounts of rubbish cleared daily. Flies not only disrupt the area’s peace by buzzing around, but they also carry disease-causing bacteria. If they sit on the food, there is a high risk of contamination.

To reduce their presence near your building, you must make it a point to dispose of waste daily and preferably away from the site. Avoid keeping the bins open and have the rubbish picked up regularly. At the same time, keep the bin clear of dirt and grime as much as possible.

The primary daily task is to maintain cleanliness in and around the commercial building, and fly infestations will automatically reduce. Removing spills or crumbs from the kitchen and keeping the floors and counters clean.

Flies Found At Commercial Restuarant

3. Cockroaches

Cockroaches are a huge problem in any commercial building because they bring a host of bacteria and viruses. Infections from these bacteria can cause some severe health issues, which is why they are a huge concern. Using temporary methods to shoo away cockroaches tends to fail because they can survive for a long time without nourishment.

Removing them with home remedies may not work in a commercial space. Firstly, a commercial building is much bigger, so the roaches have many hiding places. Additionally, DIY methods like spraying insecticides, baits, traps or other methods for homes are not recommended in commercial spaces.

If you find cockroaches in your commercial building, leave the removal task to professionals for proper treatment.

Cockroaches And Other Bugs Near Drain

4. Ants

Ants are probably not the first creatures that come to mind when discussing pest infestation. But a single colony of ants can create sizable damage to the property in commercial buildings. Ants do not need a wide opening to enter the premise since a tiny crack in the walls is enough for a colony to survive.

They can easily make their way within when they find soft or rotting wood without anyone noticing. Usually, ants are harmless and will not be troublesome to business owners; however, carpenter ants are different. These ants are known to eat up wood from within and can cause severe structural damage to the wooden parts of the building.

To add to that, no business in the hospitality industry wants customers to spot dozens of ants around the seating tables. It’s better to take action as soon as you spot them, so they no longer form a colony on your premises.

Colony Of Ants On Commercial Building

5. Bedbugs

If there is one thing hotel and hospitality staff do not want to encounter, it is the bed bug problem. These pests are sneaky and are usually not detected until they lay eggs and multiply. Staff should be trained to check the symptoms of bedbug infestation so that quick action is taken for their removal.

Rusty stains on the mattress or bed sheet or dark spots over the beds indicate bedbugs. Plus, while cleaning, it is possible to spot live bed bugs moving around, which is a sign of immediate treatment.

Untreated beds with bed bug infestation sometimes need to be thrown out if the case is severe. Hotels or other commercial buildings should take this matter seriously to prevent the loss of property and reputation.

Bed Bugs Found In Hotel Without Commercial Pest Control

Identifying Pests On Your Commercial Property

Finally, we advise reconsidering the thought of using pesticides to remove these creatures. The better way to approach this is to create surroundings where pests are not likely to enter in the first place. Minor changes in management and cleanliness can make a world of difference.

Hire a team of experts to guide you through the best preventive measures to implement for a pest-free environment. Plus, expert pest control technicians can assess the area and point out the gaps or cracks to fix.

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